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False worship? Joel Osteen throws away his Houston loyalty with shameless Nationals first-pitch promotion

Joel Osteen Nationals
Joel Osteen turns his back on Houston in throwing out the first pitch in a Washington Nationals jersey. Courtesy of Photo by Greg Flume/Getty Images

Joel Osteen wants you to believe that he's a big baseball fan, a devoted Houston Astros fan who was transfixed by Mike Scott's division-title-clinching no hitter in 1986. So why is Houston's own mega preacher wearing the wrong jersey to throw out a pitch before an Astros game?

Osteen donned a Washington Nationals' jersey to toss the ceremonial first pitch before the Astros played the Nats in Washington D.C. Monday night. Osteen's pitch reached the catcher's mitt, but it completely missed the mark of what it means to be a fan.

 Osteen's move is as out of touch as LeBron James' infamous decision to wear Yankees garb to a Cleveland Indians game while he still played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

After the Osteen blessing, the Nationals and phenom Stephen Strasburg went on to beat the Astros 6-3. What's next? Top Chef Bryan Caswell trades his ubiquitous orange Astros hat for a Yankees cap when the pinstripes start rolling into Minute Maid Park next season. Annise Parker shows up at the Texans' opener wearing a Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jersey?

Of course not, because they're real fans (clearly in Caswell's case) — or at least have a clue.

Osteen's move is as out of touch as LeBron James' infamous decision to wear Yankees garb to a Cleveland Indians game while he still played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everyone knows you don't wear the jersey of the other team.

The leader of Lakewood Church committed his sports sin to promote his April 28 "America's Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria" event at Nationals Park (tickets start at just $15!) Which might make it even worse.

Is Osteen only an Astros fan when it's financially convenient for him? Sure, the Nationals are not going to allow you to throw out the first pitch at their park in an Astros jersey . . . so decline. How many tickets can you sell? God is already on your side.

Come on Osteen. What do you believe in? Is this really your Best Life? A Nats jersey?

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