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Another downtown restaurant shutters: This one-time savior lasts only six months

News_Bibas Restaurant_Exterior Corner_May 2012
Bibas in its happier, early days. The restaurant is now shuttered, having lasted just six months. Photo by Karen Burd

Haritas Bibas told CultureMap when he opened that his pizza place would save a dead downtown block, but instead it's his restaurant that has kicked the bucket after six months.

Biba's Brooklyn Express, which took over the former El Rey location at the corner of Main Street and Congress Avenue, has closed its doors and had its windows covered in brown paper. It is set to be replaced by a Romas Pizza in two to three weeks, according to B4-U-Eat.

Now that Biba's Brooklyn Express is gone, Bibas Diner is closed and Biba's One's-A-Meal is renamed Theo's, Houston is once again left without any restaurants bearing the Bibas name. But that might change if Bibas has his way.

As he told CultureMap back in May, "I'm too old for everything but work. Work for me is an aphrodisiac."

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