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No pants, no service: Paula Deen & hubby turned away from Houston steakhouse

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Paula Deen was in town over the weekend for the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show, but she didn't get to re-visit the restaurant on her Houston to-do list.

But it wasn't for a lack of time. It was a dress code blunder.

Deen and her husband, Michael, showed up at Vic & Anthony's on Saturday, but the mister was wearing shorts — one of the three items on the restaurant's no-no list (suggested attire is business casual, but they request that customer avoid wearing shorts, caps or tank tops while dining).

And, though we're sure that she wooed the crowds at the show, Mrs. Deen was unable to charm her way into the steakhouse.

"I'm sure that Michael was wearing shorts," Brandon Branch, the Deen's personal assistant told CultureMap when we phoned the couple's home in Savannah, Ga. "That's all I packed for him."

The couple dined, instead, at nearby Morton's, where celebrity status trumped dress code enforcement.

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