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French fries only restaurant opening in The Woodlands: But is it really all that crazy?

French Fry Heaven Woodlands Mall counter
Behold French Fry Heaven, coming this Saturday to The Woodlands Mall. French Fry Heaven Woodlands Mall/Facebook
French Fry Heaven collage
There's a wide variety of fries available.  Photos via French Fry Heaven Saint Augustine/Collage by Naomi Galvez
French Fry Heaven Woodlands Mall counter
French Fry Heaven collage

Is French fry fever reaching new heights? Maybe — by standards in The Woodlands.

Florida-based chain French Fry Heaven will open its first Houston outpost this Saturday in The Woodlands Mall. The menu features both potato and sweet potato options that are called "angels" and "saints," respectively.

Potato toppings include barbecue sauce, mayo and, of course, ketchup. Sweet potatoes come in both sweet and spicy preparations. "Archangels" are more elaborately-topped French fry dishes such as poutine or loaded baked potato.

 Theoretically, one could order poutine with a side of barbecue sauce fries and chase it with an order of sweet potato pie fries for dessert.   

Prices start at $3 for potato. Sweet potato and Archangels starts at $4. Add a specialty salt, such as pink Himalayan or black truffle, for $1. 

So, theoretically, one could order poutine with a side of barbecue sauce fries and chase it with an order of sweet potato pie fries for dessert. But that's probably going a little overboard. 

If anything, the offerings seem a little tame compared to what's already available around town. Bernie's Burger Bus offer chili-cheese, and, occasionally, brisket-topped fries. Koagie Hots has kimchi fries. For a sweet option, the Burger Guys have a salted caramel dipping sauce for their duck fat fries.   

Recently opened Sandy Witch Sandwich Co, the restaurant from the Pi Pizza Truck team in the Grand Prize Bar kitchen, will top fries with cheese, short rib, steak, chili and a fried egg. Sure, it's a $12 order of fries, but it's more than enough to split and the people who are ordering it are probably too intoxicated to care about price. 

But none of those places are in The Woodlands. It certainly sounds more appealing than Sbarro.

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