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The cheesiest sandwich of all: Where to find the best grilled cheese for this national holiday

The cheesiest sandwich of all: Where to find the best grilled cheese for this national holiday

News_grilled cheese sandwich
News_grilled cheese sandwich

If you search the Internet, you'll find that every day has been assigned a random food holiday. If you have bad luck, like I do, your birthday falls on something super lame like National Mustard Day (sorry, mustard fans) instead of a holiday celebrating pastries or burgers or doughnuts or, yum, pie.

I'll put National Grilled Cheese Day — celebrated on April 12 — as one of the good food days. What is more simple and more delicious than the combo of melted cheese and toasted bread? That's something to celebrate.

Of course, not all grilled cheese is created equal. Here are our five favorites around town:

5. Shepherd Park Draught House

The mixture of cheddar and Swiss on the Grilled Cheese O.D. really takes me back to the sandwiches of my childhood, with a creamy tomato bisque on the side.

4. Bernie's Burger Bus

It's hard to hit up the bus and not order one of the incredible burgers, but Bernie also offers a grilled cheese dubbed the Recess, made of sourdough bread and cheddar cheese with optional add-ons like tomato, avocado, mushrooms, caramelized onions or a fried egg. Who needs beef?

3. Pinewood Café

If you want a grilled cheese done right, you've got to design the perfect combo yourself, which is why the make-your-own grilled cheese menu at Pinewood Café inside Hermann Park is so genius. I'm partial to a jalepeño cheddar bread with chicken, pico de gallo, pepper jack and cheddar cheese.

2. Max's Wine Dive

Thick brioche toast goes toe to toe with oozy gruyere and provolone in a battle to win over your taste buds, with a hint of heat from red bell pepper pimiento. The cup of tomato soup on the side is great — grilled cheese and tomato soup go together in a comfort food duo like cookies and milk.

1. Ladybird Food Truck

If you are going to name something after yourself, it better be awesome. Luckily the LadyBird grilled cheese, made of cheddar, Texas goat cheese, Brooklyn ricotta, green tomatoes and a side of pickled okra remoulade, does not disappoint. Oh, how it does not disappoint.