« Back to article: Veteran chef explains what makes Michelin-starred Yauatcha dim sum restaurant special

Yauatcha chef Ho Chee Boon
Chef Ho Chee Boon brings 30 years of experience to Yauatcha. Courtesy photo
Regal seafood soup dumplings
Chef Ho liked the broth in these soup dumplings from Regal Seafood House. Photo by Eric Sandler
Joyful Toyful at Gigi's, December 2012, Gigi Huang, December 2012
Veteran restaurateur Gigi Huang is Yautacha's marketing ambassador in Houston. Photo by Daniel Ortiz
Regal seafood shrimp dumplings
During lunch at Regal Seafood House, Chef Ho thought the Hai Gow in ginseng broth were made correctly but were too large. Photo by Eric Sandler
Yauatcha Houston Galleria
Yauatcha opens in Houston this week. Courtesy photo