Grossest Rodeo Food

Houston Rodeo foodie award winners revealed: You won't believe the grossest eats (strong stomachs only)

Rodeo food award winners revealed: You won't believe the grossest eats

Rodeo Gold Buckle Maggie Flecknoe
Channel 39's Maggie Flecknoe was not happy to find scorpions on her pizza. Maggie Flecknoe/Instagram
Rodeo Gold Buckle bug pizza
But soggy crust doomed the pie to an also-ran. Photo by Eric Sandler
Rodeo Gold Buckle pizza on a stick
Pizza on a stick, however, was surprisingly delicious. Photo by Eric Sandler
Rodeo Gold Buckle fried popcorn
Fried kettle corn — only at the Rodeo. Photo by Eric Sandler
Rodeo Gold Buckle Maggie Flecknoe
Rodeo Gold Buckle bug pizza
Rodeo Gold Buckle pizza on a stick
Rodeo Gold Buckle fried popcorn

Houston's media members really like cinnamon rolls and really hate creepy crawlies on pizza. At least, those are two possible takeaways from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's annual Gold Buckle Foodie Awards.

The event brings together more than 40 print, broadcast and online journalists to determine the best food sold on the rodeo grounds in eight categories. Winners attract customers who attempt to eat at all of the winners to earn an "I ate all eight" T-shirt. 

Perennial favorite Stubby's took home the first place awards in both the Best Value and Best Dessert category for its signature cinnamon roll. Holmes Smokehouse also did extremely well with wins in three categories: Best Food-on-a-Stick, Classic Fair Food and Best New Flavor.

Fried sriracha balls — the highlight of CultureMap's food run through the Rodeo — took home the Most Creative category.

The appearance of a pizza topped with scorpions, mealworms and crickets from Swain's Pizza on a Stick set off a media frenzy. The table instantly became surrounded by cameras and microphones. Channel 39's Maggie Flecknoe, as seen in this clip, had a reaction to trying the bug pizza that was particularly priceless.

Regardless of topping, a soggy crust doesn't make for a good slice, and anyone who isn't eating for shock value should stick to the stand's namesake item. 

The full results of the Gold Buckle Foodie Awards:

Best Breakfast
1st: Texas Skillet, Breakfast Cowboy Burrito
2nd: Stubby's Cinnamon Roll, Big Stone Breakfast Sandwich
3rd: Texas Skillet 2, Migas

Best Value
1st: Stubby's Cinnamon Roll, Original Cinnamon Roll
2nd: Triple J's Smokehouse, Big J Potato
3rd Stubby's Cinnamon Roll

Best Food On A Stick
1st: Holmes Smokehouse, Bacon Wrapped Sausage On A Stick
2nd: Granny's Cheesecake & More, Chocolate-Dipped Cheesecake with Oreo Topping
3rd: Swain's Pizza On A Stick, Pizza On A Stick

Best Fried Food
1st: Custom Confections, Fried Brownie Ball
2nd: Berryhill Baja Grill, Crispy Shrimp Tacos
3rd: Granny's Cheesecake and More, Fried Cheesecake

Classic Fair Food
1st: Holmes Smokehouse, Gourmet Half-Pound Texas Burger
2nd: Cowboy Kettle Corn: Caramel Corn
3rd: Fletcher's Corny Dogs & Funnel Cakes, Original Corny Dog

Most Creative Food
1st: Belgian Waffles, Fried Sriracha Balls
2nd: Custom Confections, Frosty Bites
3rd: Cowboy Kettle Corn, Fried Kettle Corn

Best New Flavor
1st: Holmes Smokehouse, RP60, Baked Potato with Meat
2nd: Cowboy Kettle Corn, Fried Kettle Corn
3rd: Go Tejano Diner, RP40, Burrito with beef, chicken, Spanish rice and beans

Best Dessert
1st: Stubby's Cinnamon Roll, The Works
2nd: Sills Funnel Cake, Banana Split Funnel Cake
3rd: Kettle Corn of Texas, Apple Chocolate Fried Pie

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