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The best new emoji for real life: That middle finger is just a good start

The best new emoji for real life: That middle finger is just a start

A picture is worth a thousand words. Why text someone with words when you can answer someone with just a visual symbol? Yes an emoji.

The Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that regulates the coding standards for written computer text that includes emoji, is adding approximately 250 new emoji. 

But what's relevant for Texas life? Here are the top five:

1. The middle finger: The emoji that everyone has been waiting for. Whether you're mad at your friend for not including you in this weekend's plans or you're angry at your boss, this emoji is a necessary addition. 

2. Building construction:  Everywhere you look Houston is building and expanding. Whether you're angry about the traffic-jam-creating construction on the highway or can't stand the drilling going on next door as a new home is built, this emoji is perfect for detailing the frustration.

3. Upwards and Downwards Rocket: Space Center Houston is one of the many attractions that Houston has to offer. Whether you're describing space or Houston's NBA team, this emoji just fits Houston life.

4. A thermometer: We all can attest that Houston is hot. When temperature reaches the upper 90s, this emoji sizzles.

5. Shopping bags: The Galleria is one of the biggest shopping centers in Americas and plenty of Houstonians pay worship. This emoji will allow you to express your inner shopaholic.

Here is a complete list of the new emojis.