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Sexy flash tattoos are suddenly glam: Music festival faves embraced by socialites and celebs

Sofia Flash Tats on arms/shoulders
Flash Tats last up to six days and are non-toxic. Photo Courtesy Flash Tats
Flash Tats on arms
Layering Flash Tats in is a fun way to wear the new body jewelry trend. Photo Courtesy Flash Tats
Sarah Jessica Parker with a Flash Tat
Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in Houston with a winged Flash Tat. Photo Courtesy Flash Tats
Kari Govin Flash Tat
Style setter Kari Govin shines in her new favorite jewelry. Photo Courtesy Kari Govin
Sofia Flash Tats on arms/shoulders
Flash Tats on arms
Sarah Jessica Parker with a Flash Tat
Kari Govin Flash Tat

Style-setting commitment phobes take note. Flash Tats, metallic temporary tattoos, are about to become your most treasured accessories.

The sexy, eye-catching tattoos brightened up summer music festivals across the country, but now they are going decidedly glam on the bodies of sophisticates looking for extra sparkle and shine.

 “I order them and they sell out. I was just in Vegas and everybody has them. They are jewelry that doesn’t come off and they look great stacked on your arm." 

Flash Tats creator Miranda Burnet hails from Austin and started Flash Tats as a hobby while she wasn’t busy with her wholesale furniture business. The concept blended her creative vision with her love of bold jewelry and Burnet is certainly not alone in her appreciation of both.

Krista Burks, owner of KB Kasuals Boutique on West Gray, says Flash Tats are flying out the door, and even though summer is winding down, the demand for Flash Tats shows no sign up letting up.

“I order them and they sell out. I was just in Vegas and everybody has them. They are jewelry that doesn’t come off and they look great stacked on your arm,” Burks says.

Kari Govin was a lucky one who snagged the Sheebani set of Flash Tats two weeks ago and she hasn’t been without the swirls of shine since.

“I love them. I love to mix and match them and will wear them stacked up my arm for New York Fashion Week,” Govin says. “You can create anything with them.”

Flash Tats last between four to six days and both Burks and Govin say if you keep lotions, soaps and sunscreen away from the Flash Tat site, the tattoos stay vibrant. Water doesn’t diminish the Flash Tats wow factor, so it’s encouraged to wear them at the beach or poolside. The non-toxic tats are removed with an oil-based remover and range from $20 to $30 for a pack of three to four tattoo sheets.

Burnet donates five percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Sheebani Flash Tats to The Miracle Foundation, an organization that aids Indian orphanages.

The jewelry-inspired tattoos are clearly a celebrity favorite. Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens have both been spotted sporting the gilded touches and during Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent Houston visit at Nordstrom, we noticed a winged Flash Tat taking flight on Parker’s inner arm, a sign that these tattoos are more than a flash in the fashion cycle.

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