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feb. 19

Links we love today: Maya Rudolph's amazing SNL episode, a 113-track rock sampler, bad ad examples and more

Here are the links we loved today:

In honor of last night’s amazing SNL: Maya Rudolph’s 10 best characters; The only Obama Show GIF set you need; See Sleigh Bells two awesome performances (which more than make up for this season's less stellar musical guests); Maya's babely bumper photosAmy Poehler cameos for “Bronx Beat”:

The Guardian interviews rock journo Greil Marcus.

Swedish man trapped in snow survives two months in his car.

Lifehacker’s five favorite professional-looking nameplate sites; St. Petersburg’s 10 most unusual hotels; Examples of inappropriate ad placement.

Reading Infinite Jest? Here are three visual aids to help you keep track of the storylines.

Here’s a 113-track sampler from Burger Records (psst, you’ll be able to catch a ton of these bands at SXSW).

The Aquabats! have a new show!

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