Guessing Game

Name That Nation: Guess which country iFest plans to highlight from this photo

Name That Nation: Guess country iFest plans to honor from this photo

Houston Festival Foundation 2013 Mayapuris
Photo courtesy of © Houston Festival Foundation

How culturally aware are you? How well do you know your world geography? Are you willing to put your intellectual prowess to the test?

When CultureMap received a press invitation to a small gathering in which the Houston Festival Foundation will announce the featured destination of the 44th Houston International Festival, known to the cool cats as iFest, inspired by a photo provided on the communique we couldn't help ourselves from playing a game of "Guess That Country."

As it turns out, the image wasn't at all related to the theme of the festival.

But this photo above, of a gentleman banging away on some type of percussion instrument, is related to the 2014 iFest, set for April 26 to May 14, 2014.

In recent years, iFest has "traveled" to Argentina, Brazil, countries along the Silk Road, Ireland, India and Thailand, so chances are that festival officials aren't about to repeat a destination for the main subject — or are they?

Want to play along?

CultureMap challenges you, the reader, to join in this global, cultural and musical guessing game. Tell us what nation will be featured based on this photo in the comments section below, and check back on Friday when we reveal the answer.