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A complete outrage: Texas takes 2nd place in state flag rankings, but you won't believe what beat it

Texas flag flying with blue sky in background
Supercompressor thinks our flag is second best in the country, y'all. AFlags
south carolina flag, flag, south carolina
The South Carolina flag ranks No. 1 because it transports you to a beach, book in hand. Courtesy of Wikipedia
ohio, ohio flag, flag
Supercompressor's silly survey compares the Ohio flag to that of a possessed cardinal. Courtesy of
Texas flag flying with blue sky in background
south carolina flag, flag, south carolina
ohio, ohio flag, flag

We might normally ignore rankings with little to no data to support them, but a recent roundup stroked our Texas egos — and tickled our funny bones — a little bit. Supercompressor has ranked America’s state flags, and Texas nabbed the No. 2 spot.

According to the site, ranking things without empirical data is the most scientific way to do it, so they put together this list based on “whimsical research and fuzzy childhood memories.”

 So basically they are saying the Texas flag is also the most patriotic? Yup. 

Texas landed at No. 2 for being “loud and obnoxious” and for stealing its concept from somewhere else. That somewhere else happens to be the U.S. flag, but isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? So basically they are saying the Texas flag is also the most patriotic? Yup.

South Carolina claims the top spot for its “insanely perfect flag,” the mere sight of which, according to Supercompressor, conjures images of “floating on a lake several miles outside of Charleston on a warm fall day, a radio broadcast of a World Series game humming softly, and we’ve got a Pat Conroy novel juuuust hitting the midpoint. Also, we’re stoned.”

Other states in the top 10 include Colorado, for its flag’s striking resemblance to the Chicago Cubs logo; Alaska, for paying tribute to the Big Dipper; and Ohio, whose flag may or may not have “a really possessed cardinal” that’s been outfitted in America gear.

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