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Professional drinkers for the win: Texas ranks low on most hungover states list

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A surprising 20 percent of Texans have called in sick to work due to a hangover. Courtesy photo

Many Houstonians may party like rock stars, but a new study from Blowfish shows that as a state, Texans don't actually spend that much time hungover.

Out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Texas comes in No. 39 when it comes to being hungover. Whether it's just that we're not as whiny as the No. 1 winner, Washington DC, or that we're just better at handling our booze is unclear.

 The study found that 20 percent of Texans have used a sick day in order to recover from drinking too much the night before. 

What is clear, however, is that when it comes to shots, we're most likely to ask for Patron because we're fancy and we have good taste in spirits. Bud Light is our beer of choice, which surprisingly beat out Lone Star, the National Beer of Texas. Overall, Texas comes in No. 27 for the amount of drinks we consume per person.

While Texans may not spend a ton of days hungover, when we do, we're likely to skip work. The study found that 20 percent of Texans have used a sick day in order to recover from drinking too much the night before.

The research also uncovered some interesting national trends. For example, the top five professions most likely to show up to work with a hangover are waiters, realtors, sales personnel, police officers and chefs. Nationally, 50 percent of all Americans admit to going to work hungover at least once.

And those Americans are likely hungover because they're drinking Blue Moon. The beer beat out No. 2 Sam Adams and No. 3 Bud Light as the most popular beer in the country. The study also notes that the average American drinks 819 drinks per year which seems, frankly, like a crazy amount.

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