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New Amusement Park Snag

New amusement park in Houston's shadow runs into financing problems: $2 million short?

Kids Castle at Splash Kingdom water park in Canton
Canton residents and tourist enjoy the Kids Castle at the Splash Kindom park in Canton, one of their  two Texas locations. Another park will be opening in Greenville in 2015.  Splash Kingdom/Facebook

The small town of Brazoria, about an hour south of Houston, hoped to boost its tourist appeal by opening a new Splash Kingdom water park there. But plans to fund the construction of the family-friendly, Christian-centric theme park seem to have hit snag.

The city hired a financial team to draft a bond issue for the nearly $2 million the city would need to partner with Splash Kingdom. But financial advisers reported back to city manger Teresa Borders that public funds could not be used to fund a private venture.

 Splash Kingdom is most well known for banning "excessively revealing swimwear." And denim. 

"We hired some financial advisers and they checked into it with the bond attorneys," Borders tells CultureMap. "They called me back as soon as they confirmed [that] we would not be able to write a bond and explained those issues to me."

Still, Borders and other city officials hope to find some other way to raise the $2 million.

Borders believes the water park will give younger children in Brazoria something to do in the summer months, give area teens a new place to work and boost the local economy. Residents will have to wait as City Council regroups and finds some other way to bring summer fun to Brazoria.

"I don't know exactly where we'll go from here," Borders says.

Splash Kingdom has two other Texas locations, in Canton and Hudson Oaks, with another park set to open in Greenville in 2015.

Splash Kingdom is probably most well known for banning "excessively revealing swimwear." And denim. No kidding. The company made national headlines when it kicked a woman out of one of its parks for wearing a "too small" bikini. All in the name of its "family-friendly dress code."

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