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Joel Osteen barges into Howard Stern's crude world: Is Lakewood's celebrity pastor up to the challenge?

Joel Osteen preaching at Lakewood Church
Joel Osteen, who preaches to 40,000 people each week at Lakewood Church, is set to have his own SiriusXM satellite radio station. Lakewood Church/Facebook
Joel Osteen preaching at Lakewood Church before huge crowd
Osteen's station will feature a call-in show with he and his wife Victoria as well as rebroadcasts of past sermons. Lakewood Church/Facebook
Joel Osteen preaching at Lakewood Church
Joel Osteen preaching at Lakewood Church before huge crowd

Move over Howard Stern. Lakewood Church's own celebrity pastor Joel Osteen is getting his own SiriusXM satellite radio station.

Each week Osteen preaches to 40,000 people at Lakewood and his sermons are already broadcast on the Trinity religious television network and other TV stations across America. His new SiriusXM station is set to feature live call-in shows hosted by Osteen and his wife and fellow pastor Victoria Osteen, as well as rebroadcasts of Osteen's past sermons.

It all starts with a live broadcast of Osteen's sermon from Yankee Stadium this Saturday.

 SiriusXM is most well known for inking another decidedly un-religious media personality (Howard Stern) to a major money deal.  

"It's another way to get our message out," Osteen tells the Associated Press.

Osteen says he was approached five years ago by SiriusXM but decided then that it wasn't the right time for his own station.

"Five years ago we were still growing," Osteen, a graduate of Oral Roberts University's television and radio program, says. "I didn't think we could put the time and energy into it that we can now. We're much more established and have a bigger library. It feels really right now."

Osteen tells the AP he's considering Tuesday mornings as the best time for his call-in show. SiriusXM — which has 25.8 million worldwide subscribers — will announce later when Osteen's new station will be operational.

SiriusXM president Scott Greenstein tells the AP that those not prone to watching Osteen's broadcasts on television might like the ability to hear him on their car radio. Osteen's charisma and wide following, as well as a back catalogue of programming material, are apparently what drew Greenstein to him. SiriusXM is most well known for inking another decidedly un-religious media personality (Howard Stern) to a major money deal of course.

Stern signed a nearly unfathomable $80 million a year contract to stay at Sirius. There is no word yet on what Osteen will be paid for his channel.  

"In the media business you tend to be New York and LA-centric a little too much of the time, and there are a lot of things that are very important in the middle of the country," Greenstein says.

Lakewood, originally founded by Osteen's father John, grew exponentially when Joel took over the ministry following his father's death. Lakewood purchased and renovated the arena that previously housed the Houston Rockets and turned it into the mega church.

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