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The drought's fallout: After saving its oaks, Discovery Green tries to restore 20,000 yards of grass

News_Discovery Green_George R. Brown Convention Center
The trees look great, the grass not so good at Discovery Green where a campaign is in the works to raise funds for reseeding. Courtesy of Discovery Green

It might be raining these days, but it's just too late for the grass at Discovery Green, the most recent casualty in the seemingly endless plight of Houston's once-verdant landscape.

Thanks a lot, big bad drought. The powers-that-be had a choice last summer — save the 100-year-old oaks or water the grass. No question there.

So the trees are flourishing, but the grass is dead. Now, as the time is ripe for replanting, the park is hoping to raise $25,000 to pay for replanting the most damaged sections. That means 20,000-plus yards of grass.

According to the Discovery Green website, "The Jones Lawn, Sarofim Picnic Lawn and Fondren Performance Slope are showing signs of extreme stress and are in desperate need of resod and reseeding."

Organizers are calling the effort the "Grow the Green" campaign and you can donate by visiting the site.

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