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Holocaust Museum Houston

Small museum with a noble purpose

In our media-saturated society, the atrocities and tragedies occurring around the world are transmitted on to our computer screens and television sets in real time. We see the body bags, the starving children and the wars as they are happening. And our resolve to be part of the solution grows. The Holocaust Museum is an important reminder of what can happen when prejudice, hatred, and indifference go unchecked. Exhibitions include a German rail car like those used to ferry millions to their deaths and a replica gas chamber.  Here one can sit and reflect on the atrocities that humans are capable of and hear from actual survivors’ accounts about the vicious nature of the Nazi regime. The museum serves as a memorial and relates the tales of horror without aggrandizement or hyperbole. This is an educational experience that makes the terror of what seems like a faraway time and place very real. As throughout history, we have to look to our past to create a better future.

5401 Caroline St.
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