Station Theater Improv Comedy: Level Five Graduation Recital with Pizza Baby and Doctor Cop

Improv Comedy: Level 5 Graduation Recital - Pizza Baby with Doctor Cop

It's time for "Pizza Baby's" graduation. Be there as the group unveils its chosen troupe name celebrates the achievements of its 40-week journey into improv. The cast includes Angie Johnson, Brian Davis, Chuck Stanfield, Jon Myles, Lisa Beckman, Marina Douenat and Micah Stinson.

In a world where an improv troupe could easily get away with being called RoboCop or We're on Doc Holiday, there is only one Doctor Cop. Though it consists of five talented improvisers, the group comes together as a Voltron of strong characters that delight the masses with the unexpected. The cast includes Brenda Valdivia, Mehdi Mourles, Stephanie Fisher, Ned Gayle and Skippy Cooper.

The show is BYOB.

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10.18.14 | 8:30 pm


1230 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77007


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