Lawndale Art Center presents 2017 Opening Reception

Lawndale Art Center presents 2017 Opening Reception
Photo courtesy of Lawndale Art Center

In a celebration of Lawndale’s three most recent Studio Artist Residents, the John M. O’Quinn Gallery will showcase the unique works of Melinda Laszczynski, Randi Long, and Sarah Welch. Dean Daderko, curator for the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, collaboratively curated the exhibition alongside the artists.

"Marfacello (JefferJudd)" by Nick Barbee in Cecily E. Horton Gallery: "Marfacello (JefferJudd)" is an examination of space and memory. To start,Barbee made a comparison between Thomas Jefferson and Donald Judd. Specifically, Barbee considered the house museums dedicated to preserving their history, Monticello and Marfa, TX. Each home is decorated with maps, tinkerings, and ideas that create an air of ingenuity around their historic tenant.

"The Memory of a Particular Image" by Ricardo Rivera in Grace R. Cavnar Gallery: Our family photographs are the most intimate records of our lives. They shape how we feel about our past, about our loved ones and ourselves. We remember and misremember our history through these pictures; as our ability to recall fades with age, these images often supplant our memory. Can we trust these images? Do they tell us the truth about ourselves or do we create truths from what we see? Through a series of appropriated family photographs, "The Memory of a Particular Image" explores the malleability of our memory and how photography alters the way we experience the past.

"The Room Nobody Lives In" by Miguel Martinez in Project Space: "The Room Nobody Lives In" explores the visual language of abject otherness in the personal and shared experience. By exploiting the elasticity of painting the installation aims to lure the viewer into the narrative flame through optic and formal play in order to reveal the deviant underbelly beneath the seductive surface.

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5.5.17 | 6:00 pm


Lawndale Art Center
4912 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


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