Laura Rathe Fine Art presents James Verbicky and Udo Nöger: "Forgetting the Real" opening reception

"Forgetting the Real" opening reception
Photo by James Verbicky

Laura Rathe Fine Art will present "Forgetting the Real," a duo exhibition featuring distinguished artists James Verbicky and Udo Nöger.

Art poses questions and invites contemplation; manifesting what is beautiful and uncovering truths. In a media centered world, what is real is relative. A person’s view of the world is a perceived reality. Through his paintings, James Verbicky subtly exposes the media for manipulating thought and behavior to drive consumerism. In his collages, Verbicky uses vintage and current media clippings, dissecting them to form new messages. His work leads viewers to question the undeniable prevalence of popular imagery and its effect on modern life. 

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display until June 22.

Event Details


5.18.19 | 6:00 pm


Laura Rathe Fine Art
2707 Colquitt St.
Houston, TX 77098

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Admission is free.