Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife + Traditional Arts Program presents Sharing the Immigrant Advantage: Telling the Immigrant Story

Sharing the Immigrant Advantage: Lectures and Workshops

Houston Arts Alliance's Folklife + Traditional Arts Program continues Remembered, Regained: Immigrant Arts of Houston, a program that showcases the rich artistic and cultural traditions that reside in the city's immigrant communities, through Sharing the Immigrant Advantage: Lectures and Workshops. This series of lectures and workshops looks at the immigrant experience in Houston through three very different lenses. 

This panel discussion features informal narratives by Nicaraguan chef Michel Cordúa, Indian dancer Rathna Kumar and native born Nigerian Eugene Irikannu, all of whom share the role of tradition as a cultural strategy in creating a sense of home in a new land.

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2.13.13 | 6:30 pm


4807 Caroline St.
Houston, TX


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Admission is free.