Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents Leamon Green: "Is the Way Closed" opening reception

Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents Leamon Green: "Is the Way Closed" opening reception
Leamon Green, "Big Apparition," 2015, woodcut, 60 x 36'' Photo by Leamon Green

Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents "Is the Way Closed," an exhibition of prints and paintings by artist Leamon Green.

Years ago, Green gathered reference images for his work by tearing pictures from newspapers and magazines. These images served as a way for Green to form his thoughts about how he would create and complete his compositions, with topics ranging from style and pattern to politics, culture, and identity. However, his current method for referencing images is to use photography, for its ease in capturing images. At other times, there is a distinct word, idea, phrase, or theme that Green visualizes in the composition; this approach is demonstrated in his large woodcuts, in which Green incorporates his interpretation of the idea into the work.

Aside from Green’s focus on prints for the body of work in "Is the Way Closed," the exhibition’s common subject matter is the human form - specifically the kind of interaction implied amongst the individuals depicted. In some cases, it is a hot button issue like refugees; at other times, the issue may be nothing more than the desire to depict the human body. As in his past work, much of the content in Green’s most recent body focuses on culture and leaves clues as to the identity of the figures with the use of pattern, color, clothing, and the landscape depicted. Much of his work is also influenced by his travels abroad to Tanzania.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through August 12.

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7.8.17 | 5:30 pm


Hooks-Epstein Galleries
2631 Colquitt St.
Houston, TX 77098


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