Gente de Teatro presents Bajo Terapia (In Therapy)

Gente de Teatro presents Bajo Terapia (In Therapy)
Photo courtesy of Gente de Teatro

Gente de Teatro is back with Bajo Terapia (In Therapy), the original comedy about couples' relationships by Argentine playwright Matías Del Federico. The play is directed once again by Marcela Salas.

Bajo Terapia (In Therapy) is a comedy, an original game in which three couples are asked to join in and expose their conflicts in the course of an unconventional therapy session. Within this singular context, new questions will bring out confessions, demands, truths, lies and startling turns. It is a singular play in which the relationships of three couples, viewed through a humorous, yet poignant prism provide the center of gravity of a group's unpredictable trajectory.

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10.23.16 | 7:30 pm
10.22.16 | 7:30 pm
10.21.16 | 7:30 pm
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10.20.16 | 7:30 pm


Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


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