Film screening: This Ain't No Mouse Music

Film screening: This Ain't No Mouse Music
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Eight years ago, producers Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling teamed up to make a film on Chris Strachwitz, whom they have known for more than 35 years. This Ain't No Mouse Music follows Strachwitz as he meets old friends and records music across the country. Strachwitz has been recording these tunes since 1960, trying to help grassroots musicians of Blues, Cajun, Hillybilly country, Tex-Mex and R&B to catalog their music. Bands such as The Rolling Stones have used tunes directly from records that Strachwitz's label, Arhoolie Records, had recorded.

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1.3.15 | 7:00 pm


14 Pews
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX


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$11; free for 14 Pews members.