Dallas VideoFest: A Conversation with Francois Truffaut

Dallas VideoFest: A Conversation with Francois Truffaut
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This documentary focuses on French master Francois Truffaut’s playfulness as a visual storyteller, and includes excerpts from his films. As the most popular and successful French film director ever, his main themes were passion, women, childhood and faithfulness. VideoFest celebrated its 27th year in 2014.

The filmmakers will be in attendance and will lead a Q&A after screening.

VideoFest is now the oldest and largest video festival in the United States, and continues to garner critical and popular acclaim. Since 1986, VideoFest has specialized in independent, alternative and non-commercial media, presenting hard-to-find works rarely seen on television, in movie theaters or elsewhere, despite their artistic excellence and cultural and social relevance.

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3.7.15 | 3:30 pm


14 Pews
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX


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