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Get Artsy

Murder mystery hidden within a new Houston art exhibit: When math, spies and assassination collide

By Tarra Gaines

Hovering at the core of El Paso-born artist Michael Petry’s glass installation AT the Core of the Algorithm is a historical mystery: How did Alan Turing, genius mathematician, master ...

At The Movies

World film fest hits Houston: A fearless guide to the strange and powerful movies that will change your life

By Tarra Gaines

With 10 packed days, more than 50 award-winning new films and 111 shorts, WorldFest Houston is certainly not slowing down after reaching middle age. Even though the 48 years-young indie ...

On The Road

Surviving Texas Antiques Week and that overblown stripper furor: A practical guide to the tacky wonders

By Tarra Gaines

Having lived in Texas for half my life, I tend to think I’ve seen it all. Yet every once in a while I’m again surprised by whole segments ...

Texas Jersey Boy Rocks

Texas Jersey Boy is ready to rock — UK style — with Houston Symphony and a Pink Martini

By Tarra Gaines

The Houston Symphony is getting ready to rock, UK style, and they’ve called upon Texas-raised original Jersey Boy, J. Robert Spencer to accompany them for U.K. Rocks, their ...

Pitbull's Dirty Rodeo Night

Pitbull's dirty night at the Rodeo: Stripping dancers, plenty of tongue and the world's largest VIP party

By Tarra Gaines

Here’s a true life lesson from the 2015 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: It’s a Pitbull world party and we’re just guests at it. This year’s ...

Legend Embarrasses H-Town

Sexy cool John Legend embarrasses Houston at Rodeo: Undressed fools exposed, treated to old school class

By Tarra Gaines

Oh. My. God, Houston. I am soooo embarrassed. Multi-Grammy, and now Oscar award winner John Legend came to the Rodeo to sing to us Friday night, and all 69,500 ...

Spectacular MFAH Exhibit

Rubens with a twist: Spectacular tapestry exhibit plays out like a great film — with a surprise ending

By Tarra Gaines

Even though Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Baroque master and one of the greatest painters of the 17th century, lived 250 years before the invention of the motion picture camera, what ...

Houston's Broadway

Dressing a drag queen: Behind the scenes confessions from Kinky Boots and its wild backstage drama

By Tarra Gaines

Kinky Boots, the Tony Awarding winning musical now at the Hobby Center, is a show with dazzling dance numbers performed by women and men, lots of men, wearing six inch ...

Get Artsy

The PODs are here! Strange containers to be spread around Houston — and they want to warp your reality

By Tarra Gaines

Look out, Houston! We’re about to be invaded by POD people, and they’re bent upon warping our perception of reality. OK, technically these POD-ists are artists commissioned by ...

Islamic Treasures in H-Town

Fighting fanatics with art: Kuwaiti princess shares Islamic treasures with Houston — and the world

By Tarra Gaines

Can art change minds and lives? If that art is shared with the world, perhaps it can. This seems to be the belief and life goal of Sheikha Hussah Sabah ...

CultureMap Video

Menil Byzantine Chapel is reborn as Infinity Machine with dazzling mirrors & voices from the planets

By Tarra Gaines

Stand on the Menil Collection campus and listen closely because you just might hear the symphony of the universe coming from the former Byzantine Fresco Chapel, now known as the ...

The Art Files

Houston's own walking chill encyclopedia: Native son artist takes on guns, poisioning, Melrose Place & more

By Tarra Gaines

Houston-born conceptual artist Mel Chin was leveling when I met him at University of Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum. While he would spend the next half hour leveling with me ...

Globe Trotting

Exploring fire, ice & the weird at the world's hottest travel destination (Beyoncé loved it!)

By Tarra Gaines

At the end of a year and the beginning of the next, I like to take stock of where I’m going and where I’ve been, not in a ...

Best & Worst Houston Theater

Best & Worst of Houston theater in 2014: Bitches, food fights and Millennials behaving very badly

By Tarra Gaines

The New Year might be a time for resolutions, but more importantly it’s a time for lists dissing and evaluating the old year. Why should Houston theater get a ...

Deepwater Horizon Examined

Documenting the Invisible: Filmmaker tries to make sense out of Deepwater Horizon disaster

By Tarra Gaines

On April 20, 2010 what began with an explosion on the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon that killed 11 members of the crew became one of the largest environmental disasters ...

Insider Knowledge

A Christmas curmudgeon's guide to holiday theater: The only shows truly worth your time

By Tarra Gaines

You’ve gobbled down that Thanksgiving turkey, devoured those Black Friday bargains and consumed hours worth of Black Friday stampedes videos, and if you’re sophisticated connoisseur like me, especially ...

Houston's Film Festival

Renowned Hollywood director enjoys a lively Houston night: 5 revelations from the Cinema Arts Festival

By Tarra Gaines

Three-time Oscar nominated director James Ivory would like to sell you a slightly-used gondola. The story behind why the acclaimed director of 33 films including A Room with a View ...

Movies Galore

Picking the perfect movie: Your cheat sheet to the best flicks at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival

By Tarra Gaines

Here’s the dirty little secret of the 2014 Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Unless you possess a time machine with hovercraft capabilities, you can’t see everything. With five days ...

Cinema Arts Festival Opener

Julie Taymor, The Wonder Woman: Controversial director's latest surreal movie opens Cinema Arts Fest

By Tarra Gaines

Before the accolades and Tony Award for directing The Lion King, before the controversy and contention of Broadway's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, theater, opera and film director Julie ...

The CultureMap Interview

Fairy tales, politics and TV: Acclaimed writer Michael Cunningham merges fantasy and reality in new novel

By Tarra Gaines

Once upon a time in a city of enchanted towers in a time of snow, two brothers set out on two quests. Tyler was in search of magical song to ...

All articles by this author.  196 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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