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Deepwater Horizon Examined

Documenting the Invisible: Filmmaker tries to make sense out of Deepwater Horizon disaster

By Tarra Gaines

On April 20, 2010 what began with an explosion on the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon that killed 11 members of the crew became one of the largest environmental disasters ...

Insider Knowledge

A Christmas curmudgeon's guide to holiday theater: The only shows truly worth your time

By Tarra Gaines

You’ve gobbled down that Thanksgiving turkey, devoured those Black Friday bargains and consumed hours worth of Black Friday stampedes videos, and if you’re sophisticated connoisseur like me, especially ...

Houston's Film Festival

Renowned Hollywood director enjoys a lively Houston night: 5 revelations from the Cinema Arts Festival

By Tarra Gaines

Three-time Oscar nominated director James Ivory would like to sell you a slightly-used gondola. The story behind why the acclaimed director of 33 films including A Room with a View ...

Movies Galore

Picking the perfect movie: Your cheat sheet to the best flicks at the Houston Cinema Arts Festival

By Tarra Gaines

Here’s the dirty little secret of the 2014 Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Unless you possess a time machine with hovercraft capabilities, you can’t see everything. With five days ...

Cinema Arts Festival Opener

Julie Taymor, The Wonder Woman: Controversial director's latest surreal movie opens Cinema Arts Fest

By Tarra Gaines

Before the accolades and Tony Award for directing The Lion King, before the controversy and contention of Broadway's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, theater, opera and film director Julie ...

The CultureMap Interview

Fairy tales, politics and TV: Acclaimed writer Michael Cunningham merges fantasy and reality in new novel

By Tarra Gaines

Once upon a time in a city of enchanted towers in a time of snow, two brothers set out on two quests. Tyler was in search of magical song to ...

CultureMap Exclusive

Confessions of a famous river: Insider reveals the real story of life with Monet

By Tarra Gaines

When it comes to visual art, Houston is not only a connoisseur of Impressionism, we’re like tween girls screaming for those light-rendering bad boys, and every year the Museum ...

Road to Peace

Monumental Menil exhibit looks at the hard and dangerous road to peace for nonviolence advocates

By Tarra Gaines

Violence is sexy, at least that’s how it’s often depicted in pop culture and even art. Nonviolence, though, that’s a bit tougher to picture. Could nonviolence take ...

Gone To Pot

Houston's own marijuana theater courts controversy: Limited run of Reefer Madness makes for one wild trip

By Tarra Gaines

If you’ve noticed a slightly funny odor coming from the Hobby Center this week it might be because the fall theater season is here and the dudes and dudettes ...

Turrell Sees The Light

Acclaimed artist James Turrell explains how he sees the light in wide-ranging inteview

By Tarra Gaines

Attempting to conduct a interview with the master of light, James Turrell, is a bit like trying to capture sunlight in your hand. No matter how focused the questions, the ...

Author Imagines Universe

The author as God: In trippy interview, best-selling novelist David Mitchell reimagines the universe

By Tarra Gaines

Warning: Buckle up your brain because this interview gets trippy. In acclaimed author, and Inprint 2014-2015 season opener, David Mitchell’s 2001 novel number9dream the protagonist describes a movie he ...

Fine Art Fair Guide

Fall in love with art: An expert's guide to a groundbreaking, worldly Houston Fine Art Fair

By Tarra Gaines

A trip around the world with the possibility of falling in love with an international or local beauty, this is the weekend Rick Friedman, president of the Hamptons Expo Group ...

Art Fair Mania

The ultimate guide to the Texas Contemporary art fair: Houston's intelligence praised by arty power players

By Tarra Gaines

It’s been four years since the Texas Contemporary Art Fair arrived in Houston, and founder and New Yorker Max Fishko has become quite impressed over those years with the ...

Book Smart

Celebrity authors with Hollywood cred heading to Houston: This new Inprint schedule is star studded

By Tarra Gaines

Every spring when Inprint, Houston’s foremost literary arts organization, begins looking for authors for the next season of the Inprint Margarett Root Brown Reading Series, executive director, Rich Levy ...

Art & History

Prized African-American treasures on display in Houston: Not about struggle, but achievement

By Tarra Gaines

The story almost seems like an episode of a beloved old, family sitcom. A son (let’s call him Khalil), invites his friends over to his house on their way ...

Your Summer Guide

Houston's hottest summer theater: Full frontal nudity, rich boobs behaving badly and a Falstaff party titillate

By Tarra Gaines

If Houston theater lovers are finding this summer particularly hot, it might be because beloved Alley Theatre staple the Summer Chills series has been put on ice this year as ...

Houston Heart History

Fascinating new book gets to the heart of Houston's place in medical history

By Tarra Gaines

Even as Houston grows ever more populous and gains national standing as a city of the future, we often see ourselves as a relatively new city. Yet, there’s great ...

To Paris And Beyond

A surprise new art space: MFAH's new photo guru is changing how Houston looks at pictures in the hall

By Tarra Gaines

Malcolm Daniel, the new curator in charge of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, appears so enamored with Houston that he’s already planning our future ...

Spoiler Alert Nitwits Debunked

Game of Thrones spoiler alert nitwits need to read this: Truths everyone must know that make the show better

By Tarra Gaines

A pop cultural battle has raged online the past several years and the skirmishes have come to a head around the current season of the biggest hit in HBO’s ...

Coolest Art Exhibit

Coolest indoor playground ever? New MFAH exhibit lets H-Town dive into art

By Tarra Gaines

The long, hot Houston summer has almost begun, and the Museum of Fine Arts is taking pity on us all by giving the city what is possibly the coolest all-ages ...

All articles by this author.  182 Results. Showing 1 to 20
Page 1 of 10

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