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Amber Ambrose writes everything from travel to food to SEC football.

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A food wonderland

Backstage at Spec's Warehouse: The secrets in those shelves

By Amber Ambrose

Shopping at the Spec’s Warehouse on Smith in Midtown is dizzying. It’s like a Wonka Land for adults; with obscure, global foods tucked away in every corner. On ...

Moving on (please!)

Things that must die in 2011: From Tim Tebow's cult to viral cat videos

By Amber Ambrose

I’m not a hater. However, there are some things in pop culture, many of them floating around these social networks that have infiltrated our homes and lives like a ...

Foodie News

Etsy's tasty secret: Five food finds just in time for the holidays

By Amber Ambrose

If you haven’t heard of the “vibrant” online handmade marketplace, Etsy, chances are, you’ve been living as a hermit in a cave with no Internet access. But if ...

Rip out those rotting limbs

A plea for real trees: The true history of Christmas trees shows why artificial doesn't cut it

By Amber Ambrose

It’s become a recent holiday tradition to gather my family and visit a graveyard to search through corpses of all shapes and sizes. We select one, take it home ...

Happily Outside The Loop

Hubbell & Hudson doubles up in The Woodlands: Gourmet market emerges as a power suburb force

By Amber Ambrose

Finding the new Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen — a small market with prepared foods, gourmet coffees, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as dessert, of course — is a little tricky. It’s ...

To the Woodlands with crust

Going to holiday pie school: Avoiding shrinkage and perfecting a topping jiggle

By Amber Ambrose

The intensity in preparing a made-from-scratch crust with bare hands and mounds of butter has always simultaneously delighted and intimidated me. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never ...

Dancing with the locals

Escaping the bare breasts & beads: When you don't just want to be another tourist in New Orleans

By Amber Ambrose

Maybe it’s pretentious, but I’ve got this “thing” about traveling. I like the fun, tourist attractions as much as any other fanny-pack-wearing, camera-toting visitor, but I hate being ...

Iron Chefs & Astronauts

In defense of tailgating: Why the Houston Texans' big block party matters

By Amber Ambrose

There are some fall memories that are uniquely Houston; Sticky, oppressive heat (but, pleasantly, not so much today) , hurricanes, Gatorfest (over yonder in Anahuac) and Houston Texans football. Since our ...

All articles by this author.  8 Results. Showing 1 to 8
Page 1 of 1
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