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Caroline Gallay

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Caroline Gallay graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Missouri and has written for a variety of publications both in the U.S. and abroad. She's a Houston Heights native and St. John's grad with a special interest in lifestyle and human interest reporting, and has been working at CultureMap since October of 2009, when she appeared at the office and refused to leave. She was given a desk and a regular paycheck that January. Caroline enjoys seafood, sno cones, snogging, summertime and alliteration. Check out her column, Home and Deranged, here.

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Drink Up

Buy a beer for a friend remotely: Yes, there's an app for that — how to BeerGram

By Caroline Gallay

When Andrea Sanchez registered for her wedding in 2005, she was struck by both the ease and rarity of the occasion. "It's unfortunate that the only time you have ...

Frank Talk

Real wedding etiquette you can actually use: How to know how drunk and sloppy you can get

By Caroline Gallay

There are a lot of questions associated with attending a wedding: What do you  wear? How much is an acceptable gift expenditure when you’ve already sprung for airline tickets ...

With Shmaltz

Hay Merchant's first-ever beer dinner throws caution and decorum out the window

By Caroline Gallay

"Don't pass out, passover." Such is the motto of Shmaltz Brewing, a now 16-year-old label based in San Francisco and, possibly more notably, Hay Merchant's brewer of choice ...

Make a Difference Saturday

A harrowing story of forced female genital mutilation and the Houston group fighting for women refugees

By Caroline Gallay

Editor’s note: Names and some details of this story have been changed to protect the identity of the woman featured and the safety of her friends and family, both ...

Butter That Biscuit

Blogger Bailey Quin McCarthy is barging into bedrooms to test your fluff with Biscuit Homegoods

By Caroline Gallay

Upper Kirby is about to get fluffed. Biscuit Homegoods, a bedding and homegoods store helmed by Houston native and popular design blogger Bailey Quin McCarthy, is set to hit the ...

Are we there yet?

How to tell if you're a real grown-up: 10 totally ridiculous markers of maturity

By Caroline Gallay

There are a few markers of actual, bona fide adulthood in the tumultuous twentysomething landscape. Despite what you assumed as an undergrad, an apartment and a frame for your bachelor ...

Flower Power

Pink beer is here! The wild men at Buffalo Bayou Brewing rock the craft beer boat with new brew

By Caroline Gallay

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. has said from the start that it'd be committed to brewing beer that veered toward experimental.  The company's newest offering, a hibiscus witbier intended ...

Antique is old news

Houston gets a new speakeasy bar with secret back door passwords & no one under 23 allowed

By Caroline Gallay

The lot at 2511 Bissonnet has become something of a nightclub graveyard. After short recent stints as a replacement Gallant Knight and then as Antique Bar, the venue has been ...

Open the Taps at work

Vote based on beer! New voting guide details where politicians stand on craft beer issues

By Caroline Gallay

Name your district. Even if you're informed enough to do it normally, it might well have changed since the last election in all the Texas redistricting brouhaha. Know your ...

Beer, bites & cupcakes

Pints for the Planet fundraiser at Saint Arnold Brewery draws big turnout

By Caroline Gallay

Around 200 like-minded revelers turned out at Saint Arnold Brewery Wednesday evening for the Pints for the Planet fundraiser benefiting Whole Foods' charitable initiative, Whole Planet. Taking place in short ...

Beer Experiment

And your Houston beer food champion is . . .

By Caroline Gallay

Home chefs with an array of local beer loyalties turned out Sunday afternoon at Fitzgerald's for Houston Beer Experiment, the Houston stop on a 16-city tour that culminates in ...

My Drunk Cookoff

The Food Experiments makes its first ever Houston stop with a beer-y exciting home chef cook-off

By Caroline Gallay

Like beer? Hows about edible chemistry experiments? Houston Beer Experiment, this Sunday at Fitzgeralds, combines both.  The cook-off, reminiscent of Saint Arnold's annual sell-out One Pot Showdown, pits home ...

Car Love

Step inside Houston Motor Club's plush CityCentre palace: 3D facial IDs, a cigar sommelier & more

By Caroline Gallay

If Houstonians lived through a recession, it's tough to tell. A new club at West Houston's chichi CityCentre oozes excess out of each tufted leather pore: The Marque ...

Order a bud light, they welcome it

The secrets of Hay Merchant: From The Library to hidden history, this craft beer palace is full of surprises

By Caroline Gallay

There is much to discover at new craft beer bar Hay Merchant, whether it's a new sour ale or another nod to Houston's past embedded in the west ...

From fancy to dancy

How to make Fat Tuesday a Phat Tuesday: The best Cajun parties in town

By Caroline Gallay

If you didn't make it east of the border this weekend, fear not — there's still time to celebrate Mardi Gras right here in Houston. Get your fill of ...

Pour one out

Anheuser-Busch asks Hay Merchant to stop making fun of them with Bud Light water bottles

By Caroline Gallay

Most craft beer-loving Houstonians got a kick out of it when the staff of Hay Merchant — the just-opened passion project of Anvil co-founder Kevin Floyd — poured out cases of 40-ounce ...

Snifter the roses

Craft beer heaven? Hay Merchant opens to full crowd, beer nerd celebrities & Bud Light water vases

By Caroline Gallay

By 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, craft beer bar Hay Merchant was packed on its first day of official public opening — even with a hard rain outside.  Respected beer blogger ...


Inside AT&T's "throttling" plan: How to make "unlimited" data use anything but

By Caroline Gallay

If you thought it was out of vogue to be in the 1 percent these days, you're only sort of right — it's the 5 percenters who are really ...

A Family Man

No, straight men can't look that good: Houston hunk Matt Bomer comes out publicly

By Caroline Gallay

Houston native Matt Bomer, the ridiculously good looking star of White Collar and the soon-to-be-released male stripper fantasy-film Like Mike, has dashed the hopes of women everywhere by publicly coming ...


Why the new iPad 3 is completely irresistible to even a shoe-loving girl

By Caroline Gallay

First things first: I'm no tech writer. I have a certain level of comfort that comes with growing up in the digital age, but I definitely can't write ...

All articles by this author.  1181 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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