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A pop-up bar inspired by The Office debuts in downtown Houston this weekend

A pop-up bar inspired by The Office debuts in downtown Houston

Dunder Mupplen Office pop-up bar cocktails
Dunder Mupplen will feature drinks inspired by The Office. Courtesy of Plethora/Four44 Hospitality Group Inc.

Did you know that actor Briam Baumgartner is the highest-earning personality on the celebrity app Cameo? Best known for portraying Kevin from Accounting, the actor made over $1 million via the app in 2020, according to a recent interview with Cameo CEO Steven Galanis published by the New York Times.

Baumgartner's success helps explain why a pop-up bar inspired by The Office is coming to downtown Houston. Dunder Mupplen will occupy 711 Main St. from January 15-30. 

Presented by Plethora/Four44 Hospitality Group Inc, the creators of last year's Harry Potter-themed Muggle-less Bar, Dunder Mupplen will offer Office superfans a range of experiences including Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, food and drinks inspired by the show, and activities such as trivia and costume contests. 

“My goal is to create unforgettable experiences to downtown Houston,” Asha Holloway, owner of Plethora/Four44 Hospitality Group Inc., said in a statement. “For years, The Office brought people together and created its own ‘culture,’ so we are so excited to bring it to life with added twists exclusive to us.”

The food and drink menus reference the show. Sip a "That's What She Said" or an "Assistant to the Regional." The large-format "World's Best Boss" is served in a giant coffee mug. A full list of food items hasn't been released, but it will include Kevin's chili, a reference to one of the show's most cringeworthy moments

For a show that hasn't aired a new episode since 2013, The Office remains extremely popular. NBC Universal paid $500 million to make the show the centerpiece of its Peacock streaming service, stealing it away from Netflix, where it reportedly accounted for an astonishing 3-percent of the platform's traffic. 

Tickets to Dunder Mupplen cost $15 per person and can be purchased online. Food and drink is available for additional costs. Groups of five or more who wish to sit together should expect to pay an additional $15 reservation fee per party. The event is only available for people 21 and over. Measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, including mask requirements and temperature checks, will be in place.