Photo by Michael Anthony

Houston’s newest hand roll restaurant has opened its doors. Norigami is now open for dinner daily with a speakeasy-style bar next door.

Started as a pop-up at Hidden Omakase, Norigami is the latest concept from Tuan and Thy Tran. Located in West University Place (2715 Bissonnet St.), it joins both Hidden Omakase near the Galleria and Sushi by Hidden in Rice Village in the Trans' portfolio. As at Sushi by Hidden, chef Jimmy Kieu leads the kitchen.

While both of their first two restaurants are tasting menus, Norigami is an a la carte experience where diners may order from a menu of hand rolls and shareable plates. Hand rolls are available individually or in three, four, or five roll sets.

The restaurant’s hand roll choices include creations such as yellowtail with cucumber and agua chile, spicy salmon with avocado and jicama, and blue crab with yuzu mayo and fried leeks. Diners may also splurge on rolls made with A5 wagyu, toro and caviar, or the signature Menage Foie Gras — a $26 hand roll with uni, toro, wagyu, foie gras, and caviar that’s adorned with edible gold.

Small plates options include crudos made with yellowtail, bluefin tuna, or salmon. The Steak & Eggs is a variation on beef tartare with pickled red onions, mustard, quail egg, and caviar.

Similar in style to other hand roll restaurants such as Hando and Handies Douzo, Norigami’s seating consists of a 24-seat, U-shaped counter. Design details include origami cranes, colorful LED lighting, and a speakeasy-style entrance.

Speaking of speakeasies, Norigami also includes Hidden Bar, a companion cocktail lounge that also serves as a waiting area. Its design features more origami cranes and an Ace of Spades champagne wall. Bartender Hao Ma (Bludorn, Wooster’s Garden) has created Hidden Bar’s cocktail menu.

“We are excited to bring the Norigami concept to a permanent location in Houston,” Kieu said in a statement. “After doing pop-ups for a while, now more Houstonians will be able to experience what we have to offer.”

Norigami food spread

Photo by Michael Anthony

Find hand rolls, crudos, and other bites at Norigami.

Photo by Shannon O'Hara

Award-winning Houston bar returns after short closure with big upgrades and exciting news

if i had a tail

Changes have come to Monkey’s Tail. The CultureMap Tastemaker Award-winning neighborhood bar in Lindale Park returned to service this weekend after an almost month-long closure for some behind the scenes renovations and upgrades.

Those changes are only the start. As it prepares to open a second location in Conroe next month (hopefully) and Grease Monkey, a new concept in the former Petrol Station space in the spring, Monkey’s Tail owner Jessie Gonzalez has made other changes, too.

First, the bar’s food truck is in the process of being replaced with a permanent kitchen that will take approximately six months to build. Second, beverage director Lainey Collum is stepping into the operations role formerly occupied by Steven Ripley, who will maintain a part-time consulting role on the food offerings at both bars.

“Monkey’s Tail has morphed into something different than what it started. It just keeps growing,” Gonzalez tells CultureMap. “We want things to flow better. If you want to open multiple locations, you have to have structure.”

He adds that he’s amazing that new people still visit the bar four years into its existing, coming from places as far away as Conroe and Katy. All of the changes are designed to deal with the growing crowds and plan for the future.

“It’s growing pains,” Collum adds. “The volume keeps getting bigger. It’s an amazing problem to have. How do we make the bar more functional to deal with that, so people don’t have super long waits?”

Physically, those structures start with improvements to the inner patio. It now features a U-shaped floating roof designed to provide more shade and protection from the rain than the umbrellas it replaces. The roof complements an outdoor bar and helps make the patio more comfortable. Adding new TVs mean Astros fans will be able to root for the team both indoors and outside during this year’s playoff run.

“We’re trying to get ourselves ready for patio season,” Collum explains. “We also do a big Christmas celebration, a Feliz Navidad thing with a big Christmas tree and tons of decorations. We want to blow it out as big as it can be.”

Similarly, the decision to replace the bar’s food food truck with a full kitchen reflects Gonzalez and Collum’s interests in serving more people more quickly. Monkey’s Tail’s weekend brunch service has become increasingly popular, and Monday’s steak night has doubled its revenue over the past couple of years.

“We’ve gone over 200 steaks a night,” Gonzalez says. “For a bar, it’s a lot of steak.”

While the kitchen is under construction, Monkey’s Tail will utilize guest food trucks. Elements, chef Zach McClendon’s traveling steak night pop-up that also operates the kitchen at Cottonwood, will take on steak night until the kitchen is operational.

On the personnel side, Collum is taking the lead on operations and being granted a partnership stake in the company. She brings a wide range of experiences to her role, including working as the assistant general manager at Hay Merchant, a bar manager at The Pass & Provisions, the beverage director for Prohibition, and a management role at Yauatcha, the stylish dim sum restaurant from the international Hakkasan Group. Now, she’s accepted the challenge of being an owner and applying some of those fine dining standards to a casual, come-as-you-are, neighborhood bar.

“I have a very varied background of all different types of places, but I do have a high end pedigree,” she says. “I switched over to a more casual concept, because in my mind, that’s where the bar world is going. Nothing against fine dining, it’s amazing, but as far as longevity goes, it’s tough.”

Collum’s most immediate responsibility is opening Monkey’s Tail’s second location in Conroe (2017 N. Frazier St.). Announced last year, it’s expected to open in October.

Conroe residents can expect the full Monkey's Tail menu — including wings, tacos, and the signature Chango Burger, along with all of its popular stirred, shaken, and frozen cocktails. Events such as steak night will also make the journey north. If Conroe proves to be successful, Gonzalez has his eye on other cities for additional locations, including Katy and Brenham.

Once Conroe is up and running, Collum will turn her attention to Grease Monkey. The project has been delayed for a variety of reasons, but is expected to open by mid-2024. As in the Petrol Station days, draft beer will remain a core part of the bar’s offerings, along with cocktails and a slimmed-down version of the Monkey’s Tail food menu to allow for its smaller kitchen.

“We don’t want to take it lightly. We can take Monkey’s Tail and replicate it in Conroe. That’s not what Grease Monkey is,” Collum says.

“With Steven leaving the group, I don’t want to say what it’s going to be. It might change a little bit.”

Ultimately, Gonzalez and Collum share the same goal of making the original Monkey’s Tail and any related locations durable Houston institutions. With the right systems in place, they plan to serve customers for years to come.

“We want to be here for the long term,” Gonzalez says. “I know it’s hard for bars to do that, but Little Woodrow’s has. If they can do it, why can’t we?”

A look inside Monkey's Tail.

Monkey's Tail interior
Photo by Shannon O'Hara

Monkey's Tail has reopened after a month away.

Photo by Eric Sandler

Downtown whiskey bar now pouring rare vintage spirits thanks to new state law

a taste of history

A bar in downtown Houston is among the first statewide to take advantage of a new law that allows it to sell vintage spirits. Reserve 101, a whiskey-obsessed cocktail bar located near the House of Blues, has rolled out a vintage spirits program that gives its customers the ability to taste pours they could have only previously found via well-connected friends with extensive collections or by spending thousands at a whiskey auction.

Before diving into Reserve’s offerings, let’s look briefly at this new law that became effective September 1. SB1322 amends certain sections of the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Code to provide for the sale of vintage spirits, which are defined as any distilled spirit that has not been available through a wholesaler for at least five years. To be eligible, the bottle must be unopened. The law places limits on how many bottles any individual can sell to any single store (no more than “24 containers” per 12 months), and it limits how many bottles bars and restaurants may purchase from a retailer to six per 12 months.

Those purchase limits — and the higher prices some of these bottles will likely command at auctions, estate sales, or via other means — likely limits vintage spirits to a niche offering, but Reserve 101 has committed to making a limited selection of these rare pours available on a daily basis.

“It’s really important for us to do it, because, if we want to say that we’re the best whiskey bar — not just in Houston but in Texas — I want to be able to diversify ourselves. I’d like us to stand out beyond other bars that have a really great whiskey selection,” co-owner Sean Fitzmaurice tells CultureMap.

“Now that new opportunities are arising, we want to be on the forefront of that. As soon as we found out we were able to do something like this, that we start cataloging it. So that on September 1, when the law changed, we were able to hit the ground running.”

Fitzmaurice says he began planning for this moment since the law passed the Legislature in May. Reserve’s initial roster includes Wild Turkey from 1987 ($30 for a half ounce) and Old WL Weller Special Reserve from 1977 ($150 per half ounce).

Requiring that vintage spirits only be out of distribution for at least five years allows Reserve to do more than sell whiskey that’s older than many of its customers. Fitzmaurice has also sourced more modern releases such as a highly coveted bottle of ultra-rare Booker’s Rye ($125 per half ounce or $250 per ounce). Coming soon (and pictured above) will be a bottle of Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye from 2013. He’s got a long wishlist of spirits he’d like to offer at some point, including replacing a rare bottle of Yamazaki Mizunara 2017 that was stolen during a robbery.

“My favorite whiskey ever was a collaboration between Compass Box and Delilah's out of Chicago for their 25th anniversary. Those are the ones I’d like to bring back,” he says.

Fitzmaurice acknowledges the prices make trying these spirits a splurge for most people, but they’re also more accessible as a single pour than trying to source a whole bottle. To make the supply last as long as possible, a person will only be able to buy one ounce of any individual vintage spirit per day. Although the offering has only been available for a few days, initial interest has been strong.

“The amount of phone calls, the amount of texts I’ve gotten, I think it’s going to be a program that does really well for us,” he says. “What I think is cool, is that the only constant will be change. What we have today, once it’s gone, it’s gone, and who knows what will be available tomorrow?”

Photo by Sergio Trevino

Spacey WashAve cocktail bar-pizzeria opens in Montrose with must-try 'ironclad' pies

say it 3 times

Montrose’s mini boom of new pizzerias has added another establishment to its roster. Betelgeuse Betelgeuse officially opens to the public Friday, September 1.

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Montrose interior

Photo by Sergio Trevino

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse has opened its Montrose location with a karaoke-ready back room.

Located in the former Bamboo/Kam’s Wok space at 4500 Montrose Blvd., the Montrose location of Betelgeuse Betelgeuse builds on the success of its original Washington Avenue outpost that opened last year. Whereas the first location utilizes a food truck to prepare its pizzas and bar snacks, the Montrose location has a full kitchen.

That means owner Chris Cusack has been able to expand the menu a bit with additions such as Spaghetti Squares (deep fried spaghetti balls with cheese and tomato sauce) and more wings flavors. The Montrose location also offers a personal-sized, 10-inch version of the bar’s signature “ironclad pizzas” that are baked on cast iron pans to give each slice a crispy edge. Dishes such as loaded fries, Space Balls (pizza dough that’s brushed with garlic butter), and a cheeseburger carry over from the original location.

Also making the trip south is Betelgeuse’s extensive cocktail offerings. The menu includes an Appletini, the “Mommy, What’s a Funkadelic?” (tepache, mezcal, lime, pineapple, and vanilla), an espresso martini, and the Watermelon Fresca that’s been a staple of La Grange’s menu since it opened.

All that eating and drinking happens in a space-themed environment that fits an establishment named for a red supergiant star in the Orion constellation. A 900-square-foot back room has been wired for karaoke and will also serve as a venue for private events.

“Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Montrose has been a labor of love and is my tribute to this amazing neighborhood,” Cusack said in a statement. “I can’t wait to welcome customers through our doors for great cocktails, amazing food, and weird vibes.”

While Cusack is opening the Montrose location, he’s also in the process of sourcing a replacement for the original location’s food truck that was damaged in a fire. The proprietor tells CultureMap he could have a solution in place as soon as next week. In the meantime, guest food trucks are filling the gap.

This summer has been a busy time for new pizzerias in Montrose. In addition to Betelgeuse, the neighborhood has welcomed ElRo Pizza & Crudo, a new concept from chef Terrence Gallivan (The Pass & Provisions), and Nonno's Family Pizza Tavern, the latest project from Nobie's owners Sara and Martin Stayer.

Photo by Becca Wright

Upscale new Heights lounge opens with 'alluring cocktails' and global nightlife vibe

nightlife in the heights

The 11th Street corridor in the Heights offers some of the neighborhood’s most prominent eateries. Already home to restaurants and bars such as Trattoria Sofia, Eight Row Flint, Field & Tides, and Loro, the street has added a new lounge that brings a nightlife component to the neighborhood.

Best Regards has opened in the former Chivos space at 222 W 11th St. First announced in February, Best Regards is a stylish bar and lounge owned by commercial real estate broker Morgan Hansen. The concept takes inspiration from her travels and will host traveling DJs and other performers.

Best Regards interior

Photo by Becca Wright

The bar held its soft opening last weekend.

Formerly a restaurant, the space has been transformed with a large, indoor bar, a fully landscaped patio, and plenty of greenery both indoors and out. Hansen has also added plus banquettes and brass accents. This Instagram reel from local influencer Kayla Dalati offers a sneak peek at the atmosphere.

“Bringing Best Regards from concept to opening has been a thrilling experience and I’m excited to welcome Houstonians to our beautiful and lush social lounge,” said Morgan Hansen of Best Regards. “Guests can expect world-class DJs, a variety of live music, alluring cocktails and bites, and hospitable service our city has yet to see.”

Those “alluring cocktails” include house originals such as the “Wolf of 11th Street” (tequila, cantaloupe, and honey cilantro syrup) and the “White Collar Crime” (cacao-infused Texas bourbon, pecan turbinado, Aztec chocolate bitters). Best Regards worked with Heights favorite Tenfold coffee on a selection of cocktails that include a carajillo and an on-trend espresso martini. Other options include wines, champagne, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Food options are presented in the form of shareable boards loaded with various snackable items. Options include a Burrata Board with prosciutto, fruit, tomatoes, and bread; a Pickle Board with sliced pickles, fried pickles, and pickle dip; and a Spanish Charcuterie board with various cured pork products paired with cheeses, condiments, and bread. Brunch boards, served from 2-4 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, come with bagels, doughnut holes, egg salad, lox and accompaniments, and more.

The bar held a well-attended soft opening over the weekend. CultureMap asked Hansen what she learned from the experience.

Morgan Hansen Best RegardsCommercial real estate veteran Morgan Hansen is behind Best Regards. Courtesy of Best Regards

“It was very exciting to welcome our friends, family, and neighbors to Best Regards for our soft opening weekend,” she said in a statement provided by a representative. “The overwhelming support reinforced the need for our concept which delivers superior tasting cocktails and exceptional service in a fun and beautiful, indoor/outdoor environment.”

Best Regards is open Tuesday-Thursday beginning at 4 pm and Friday-Sunday beginning at 2 pm.

Photo courtesy of Garrison Brothers

Raise a glass — and funds — in September with Garrison Brothers Bourbon

Old Fashioned Fun

Forget the drink of the summer — it's finally time for the drink of the fall, and because September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, an OId Fashioned seems exactly the right choice.

To celebrate, Garrison Brothers Bourbon is mounting its Hye Fashioned Takeover, a month-long festivity of flavor, tradition, and innovation where bars and restaurants across the country showcase their mixology mastery with creative Old Fashioned specials.

But the takeover isn't just about creative cocktails. With every Instagram or Facebook post you share about your #hyefashioned experience, Garrison Brothers will make a donation of $2 to Boot Campaign to support their life-changing programs for veterans and military families.

Even better: Every post counts as an entry for a chance to win one of 10 unique Garrison Brothers prize packages, which includes a custom engraved barrel stave, four Garrison Brothers glencairn glasses, an embroidered Garrison Brothers apron, and a $50 gift card from Boot Campaign to to be used on Shop.BootCampaign.org.

To officially enter:

1. Take a picture of your Hye Fashioned cocktail (heck, take a few!).
2. Tag and follow @garrisonbros and @bootcampaign.
3. Make sure to use the hashtag #hyefashioned to showcase your love for this iconic cocktail and help raise money for Boot Campaign.

Ten winners who post the most during September 1-31 will be selected at the conclusion of the program.

Wondering where to go in and around Houston to get your Hye Fashioneds? Here's where to toast and taste America's favorite cocktail during September:

To learn more and see the official rules, visit: hyefashioned.com.

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Breakfast, big shrimp, and benefitting a great cause at BB's Tex-Orleans

Dig In, Y'all

If you’re looking to jazz up your next meal, Cajun eatery BB’s Tex-Orleans is kicking up its current Southern Louisiana-meets-Texas menu with new all-day breakfast dishes that are both sweet and savory.

Also coming in hot this month is the Big Shrimpin’ Platter, which now raises money for a good cause with every order.

Breakfast of champions — and saints
If you don’t qualify breakfast as the most important meal of the day, BB’s Tex-Orleans might just change your mind. There’s a newly expanded Breakfast of Saints menu at the Montrose outpost, and it’s everything you could ever want.

While you’ll still find all the old faves — the Morning Glory Po’boy, the Wake and Bake Burger with chipotle remoulade, and Chicken and Waffles — there’s a whole lot of newness to try, too.

Two musts? Look for the Cajun Eggs Benedict with blackened shrimp and andouille cream sauce and The Southern Man, which dishes up fried catfish with eggs, a buttermilk biscuit, and cheese grits.

Also, BB’s breakfast aficionados will fondly remember the Elvis Waffle, a decadent meal that’s stuffed and loaded with bacon, peanut butter, and banana with a Nutella chocolate sauce. Well, it’s back and more indulgent than ever.

Don’t sleep on these breakfast items, now served all day every day at the Montrose location.

Big Shrimpin’ for a good cause
This month, you also won’t want to miss ordering the Big Shrimpin' Platter. Beginning October 1 and available at each of BB’s Tex-Orleans' 12 Houston locations, this special dish benefits Susan G. Komen.

The platter lives up to its name, with a half-pound of boiled shrimp, six fried shrimp, six grilled Creole lemon shrimp, shrimp and grits, shrimp cocktail, and corn and potatoes.

It’s the most delicious way you can do your part to raise money for breast cancer research.

Hungry yet? To learn more about BB’s Tex-Orleans Montrose happenings, click here. Discover your nearest restaurant location here.

Where to shop in Houston right now: 14 must-hit spots for October


October is finally here, and we are about to be blessed with slightly cooler temps for what we know will be the best "hotumn" yet. It's time to embrace those rich fall colors – warm burgundies, deep emeralds, and silver or red. Houston's boutiques are filled with the latest autumn fashion trends, making updating your wardrobe with the season's most stylish pieces easy.

Houston's sports teams are on a winning streak, making it the perfect time to grab those gameday essentials. From jerseys to hats and everything in between, Houston's shops are stocked with fan gear to help fans show off their team spirit. And don't forget to pair those sporty looks with some fabulous fall boots and dresses, the ultimate combination of style and comfort.

We've curated a list of can't-miss boutiques, popups, and events to make your October shopping experience effortless.

Ames Layne

Local boutique Ames Layne has everything for a perfect and sparkly game day look. They have everything from clear stadium bags, beaded belts, "Fancie" gameday fans, and sequin jackets in all the right colors.

Blue Hills Round Top

From October 14 to 28, Blue Hills at Round Top is the place to be. There will be more than 100 vendors showcasing their beautiful clothing, decor, antiques, jewelry and more. Parking is free, bathrooms are staffed, and there are over 100,000 square feet of treasures to explore.


BeDesign celebrates its 10th anniversary with a massive expansion that quadrupled its Montrose showroom footprint to 20,000 square feet. The BeDesign showroom is now the largest of its kind in Texas and among the largest in the country.

BeDesign showcases over 40 of the world's most celebrated European designer lines and renowned brands, including B&B Italia, Maxalto, Fendi Casa, Flexform, Ligne Roset, Molenti&C, and Paola Lenti.

Elizabeth Anthony

Uptown boutique Elizabeth Anthony has 11 in-store events featuring Spring trunk shows and designer appearances. Jewelry designers Katherine Jetter and Chris Davies will make personal appearances with their gemstone collections. This year, Catherine Regehr will host a Designer Evening Trunk Show with a personal appearance along with her daughter and co-designer, Eva. The trunk show aligns with their runway show benefiting the American Heart Association on October 25. Find details about individual events here.


Francesca's recently opened a new boutique in the Galleria. It is twice the size of a typical boutique and features a mini shop-in-shop where shoppers can find the brand's tween line, Franki.

Freya + Mirth

Popular Houston brands Freya and Mirth are joining forces and making it easy for one-stop shopping in their new space at 1610 Bissonnet St. Their shop, Sixteen Ten, will be open to the public beginning October 11.

Jane Win

Planning fall getaways? Take a piece of Texas wherever you go with the Texas JW Original Pendant Coin. Double-sided, the pendant features the popular Texas Lonestar and the bluebonnet surrounded by the massive sunny state. The best-selling coin pendant is made of sterling silver and dipped in 14-karat gold.

MCM x Puma

The wait is over for fashion-forward basketball enthusiasts as MCM and PUMA Hoops are launching the third and final drop for Autumn/Winter 2023. This collection features vibrant ready-to-wear pieces and a show-stopping edition of PUMA's TRC Blaze Court Shoe, set to turn heads on and off the court. The new collection is available at MCM in the Galleria.


The premium lifestyle brand for men redefining the workplace wardrobe with performance-grade fabric and makers of "the best damn dress shirt" are having their biggest sale of the year. Beginning October 6 and lasting through October 9, Mizzen+Main shoppers can get 20 percent off sitewide with the code FRIENDLY20.

Nails of America River Oaks & Nails of America Memorial

Nails of America River Oaks and Nails of America Memorial invite Houstonians to get "Pretty in Pink" in October to support the local nonprofit Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer, whose mission is to provide free wigs and salon services to women who have lost their hair due to various cancer-fighting treatments. Ten percent of each manicure or pedicure service will be donated to the nonprofit Beauty Beyond Breast Cancer. Related nail art services, including pink ribbons, are also included in the donation. Pretty in Pink will occur every Thursday in October from 9 am to 7 pm.

Patch Collection

It is October, so it is time to upgrade your Houston bling. Patch Collection has one of the largest selections of patches in Houston, featuring patches for all Houston sports teams, anime, music, travel, and more. Find them at 11718 N. Garden St., Building C.

Shaftel Diamonds x Reagan Bregman

Shaftel Diamonds collaborated with CultureMap lifestyle columnist Reagan Bregman on a collection of affordable and easy-to-style jewelry. With Love by Reagan Bregman is composed of 14 custom 18-karat gold vermeil with natural white sapphire pieces, all designed with a minimal aesthetic for everyday wear. The collection will be available in-store and online on October 11.


The popular boot brand just dropped its newest collaboration with designer Kristopher Brock. Inspired by the American frontier and designed with a modern touch, the collection includes limited edition boots, floral print dresses, and more.


River Oaks favorite Tootsies will host several trunk shows, including Angela Mia Jewelry, Pedro Garcia, Maria Kastel Jewelry, and Catherine Regehr Resort 2024. Find details on dates and times here.

Freya and Mirth

Photo by Freya

Freya and Mirth have joined forces in a new boutique on Bissonette. 

Posh Persian palace set to open on Post Oak with kabobs galore

kabob's galore

An Atlanta-based restaurant known for its posh Persian fare arrives in Houston this month. Rumi’s Kitchen will open Monday, October 16.

Located in the Post Oak Place next to Uchiko and Zadok Jewelers, Rumi’s Kitchen offers a luxurious environment and a menu of elevated dishes inspired by classic Persian fare. Its roots go back almost 20 years, when chef and co-owner Ali Mesghali combined the techniques he learned working in Persian restaurant in Los Angeles with a stylish design and elevated service. In partnership with co-owner Stephen Kaplan, Rumi’s has expanded to three locations in Atlanta and a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Rumi's Kitchen food spread

Courtesy of Rumi's Kitchen

Rumi's Kitchen opens this month.

“Houston has long been on our radar for growth given its celebrated diversity and incredible food scene,” Mesghali said in a statement. “We feel so fortunate to have met the Zadok family, who introduced us to stunning Post Oak Place and the Uptown district, which is not only home to a sizable international community, but also draws visitors from around the world for business and pleasure.”

The 5,500-square-foot, 170 seat restaurant features an open kitchen, photographs by Iranian artist Shadi Ghadirian, and custom light fixtures inspired by a whirling dervish, according to a release. A private dining room seats 40.

Meals at Rumi’s begin with dishes such as lamb ribs, lahmacun (a flatbread), kibbeh nayyeh (lamb tartare), and falafel. Diners will find four kinds of hummus, including versions topped with smoked salmon and another with roasted mushrooms.

Entree choices include a wide array of kabobs — including one made with American wagyu zabuton, as well as filet mignon, lamb, chicken, or shrimp — along with Duck Fesenjoon (brained duck with pomegranate stew), braised lamb shank, rack of lamb. Three-bone short rib with pomegranate glaze is designed to feed three or four people. Chicken, lamb, beef stews, and the beef koobideh dishes are halal, according to a representative.

They’re paired with Persian-inspired cocktails such as the Sabzi Tonica. The wine list include a deep selection of legendary Lebanese winery Chateau Musar. Expect happy hour specials with classic cocktails and a dedicated food menu.

The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner beginning at 11:30 am on weekdays and noon on weekends. It’s located at 1801 Post Oak Blvd.