Sunrise, Sunset

Discover elevated cocktails and a skyline view at EaDo's new rooftop bar

Discover elevated cocktails and a skyline view at EaDo's rooftop bar

Sunset Rooftop Lounge Dominic Moreau Allison Meyer
Photo by Eric Sandler

A new rooftop bar will give Houstonians another way to admire the downtown skyline. The Sunset Rooftop Lounge will open January 17, owner Dominic Moreau tells CultureMap.

Located next to Truck Yard in the heart of EaDo’s bustling nightlife district, the Sunset promises to be the area’s newest spot for sipping cocktails on a patio. Originally announced at the end of 2018, Moreau has spent the past year transforming the third floor room into a clean, modern-looking space. Outside, porcelain Italian tiles add style to al fresco experience. 

Even before he signed the lease, the proprietor says he saw the potential to create something special. Rooftop spaces are relatively rare in Houston.

“The neighborhood is a big thing. EaDo is up and coming,” Moreau says. “The whole point of this is the patio and the view. Once I met the landlord and everybody else who started this project before me, I felt like it was an homage to them to get everything finished properly.”

As the opening became more imminent, Moreau recruited general manager Allison Meyer (Aqui, Rudyard’s) to join the project. Together, they developed a cocktail menu that pays homage to cities and places from around the world that are known for having great sunsets.

For example, the Terraza Sunset, a paloma variation made with Illegal mezcal, grapefruit juice, and Tajín seasoning, takes its name from a rooftop bar in Mexico City where people go to watch the sunset. Other options include the St. Petersburg Sunset (Moscow mule), the Cozumel Sunset (margarita), and the Rio Sunset (caipirinha).

Beer, including 12 craft taps, along with a selection of wine round out the beverage offerings. Particularly on the weekends, when the bar will open at 11 am, Moreau says he envisions people settling in for rosé all day.

In addition to physically elevating its patrons, Moreau hopes people will dress with a sense of occasion in mind. Although the Sunset won’t have a formal dress code, patrons are encouraged to, in Meyer’s words, “dress to impress,” but both owner and manager are practical enough to realize the summer heat will eventually mean more casual attire. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that's equally welcoming to neighborhood residents, downtown office workers looking for a happy hour spot, and convention goers seeking a fresh look at the city. 

“EaDo has a wide demographic,” Meyer says “The space is supposed to be fun. Casual but still upscale, so that no matter who you are or what you’re doing you can come here and have fun.”

The entrance is a little hidden, but it shouldn't be too hard to find. Just look for the gray door with the pink neon on Hutchins near the corner with Dallas. Take the elevator up. Admire the view.


Sunset Rooftop Lounge; 2119 Dallas St.; Monday-Friday 3 pm-2 am, Saturday and Sunday 11 am-2 am.