Uber joins ADA bandwagon

Uber introduces transportation service for Houstonians with disabilities

Uber introduces car service for Houstonians with disabilities

UberACCESS, April 2016, Marvin Coliba, Eva Aguirre
The Center CEO Eva Aguirre and staffer Marvin Coliba prepare for the first ride on UberACCESS in Houston. Courtesy of UberACCESS/The Center

Tuesday was a big day for Marvin Coliba, staff member at The Center, when UberACCESS launched in Houston providing transportation for Houstonians with disabilities.

The pilot program is already in operation in Austin and several other cities and is being met with high praise.

For Coliba, who maneuvers via a wheelchair and was first in Houston to use the service, it's a win win. "I'm excited," he said in a statement "that UberACCESS will give me the opportunity to move around town like anyone else and allow other people who need wheelchair accessible vehicles to go places they otherwise wouldn't be able to access." 

UberACESS charges the same rates as UberX and first-time Uber riders receive $20 off their first ACCESS trip with the promo code ACCESSHOU16.

“UberX has been a game changer for millions of people moving all around the world, and I’m thrilled to see Uber applying the same creative ingenuity to provide more consumer choices and opportunities for Houstonians with accessibility needs,” said Tony Coelho, co-author of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

“UberACCESS will empower people requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles to get a ride when they need one by simply pressing a button.”

There are four steps to booking a ride with UberACCESS:

1) Open the promotions section in the Uber app.

2) Unlock the UberACCESS option by entering code ACCESSHOU.

3) Toggle the slider over to ACCESS.

4) Set your location and request a ride.