Vote now in the IW Marks Jewelers Love Mom Charity Challenge- Promoted -

Mother’s Day is May 14, and to celebrate everyone’s ultimate cheerleader, IW Marks Jewelers owners Joanna and Brad Marks are hosting the Love Mom Charity Challenge. The couple are teaming up with some Houston's most dynamic famous faces for the charity challenge, raising awareness for important charities making a difference in Houston. The contest exemplifies generous giving — something mom would certainly be proud of. The charity receiving most votes between April 25 and May 14 receives a $2,500 donation from IW Marks Jewelers. Vote daily.

The votes are in. See who won!
With Merci Foundation

It’s not uncommon for professional athletes to support charities, but for Houston Texan outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus, it was important to do more than just attach his name to a cause. Mercilus truly wanted to make a difference, so he created With Merci in 2016 to provide advocate services and support to families of children with disabilities and special needs. It’s a mission of love, commitment and mercy for families struggling with physical and financial needs. With Merci is a perfect fit for the IW Marks Love Mom Charity Challenge because it allows him to share his passion and get heavily involved in a hands-on, impactful way.  "I want to help people, and this is a way that I can do that and help these kids,” Mercilus said.

Free the Captives

To say things are busy at the Berkman house would be quite an understatement. Former Houston Astro star Lance Berkman and his wife Cara, are parents to four active daughters, ranging in age from 15 to 7. Each one is involved in sports and activities specific to their interests, which keeps this family on the go.  “It’s a lot of fun and very rewarding being a mom,” Cara Berkman said. “It’s important to be intentional as a parent, so when they are seniors in high school, you have no regrets.”  The Berkmans are also intentional in the missions and organizations they support and chose Free the Captives, a faith-based nonprofit fighting teenaged human trafficking in Houston, for the IW Marks Love Mom Charity Challenge. Free the Captives engages and mobilizes the Christian community while partnering with non-profits, law enforcement, and government agencies in the fight against modern day slavery. “Free the Captives is dear to our hearts. We are the parents of four daughters, so the ministry really touches our hearts,” Cara Berkman said.




Sunshine Kids

Take a moment to watch the way Houston Texan defensive end Christian Covington connects with children involved in The Sunshine Kids, and  it’s clear he’s having just as much fun as they are. There’s no pretense, only joy and true sense to support the non-profit organization dedicated to children with cancer. Convington’s connection to The Sunshine Kids dates back to his college career at Rice University and where he saw the struggle his friend and fellow student James Ragan, went through.  “To have met a man like him who was so brave and courageous during his time at Rice, truly inspired me to become more involved with The Sunshine Kids. After his passing, I became even more so invested,” Covington said. “Each and every child that I've met has left an imprint on my heart that I know will not leave me for the rest of my days.  ”Covington’s desire to give back is also rooted in his strong family relationships. His parents Natasha and Grover Covington are important fixtures in his life, and he takes that same focus and pours it into The Sunshine Kids.  “When I go to events, when I meet these families, when I play and spend time with the kids, every smile I see and every laugh I hear, completely melts my heart,” Covington said. “I’m so blessed to have them in my life and I only pray that I can make a similar impact in theirs.”

Lone Survivor Foundation

Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie know the importance of family and military, which for them, is one and the same. It’s the motivation that powers the Lone Survivor Foundation, an organization that restores, empowers and renews hope for wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support. Luttrell created the Lone Star Foundation in 2010 as a way to give military members and their families a voice and hope after returning home upon deployment. His own dramatic and inspiring stories of bravery in the face of despair keep Luttrell dedicated to supporting military members and their families. Every one of us has to step up in some way. "We gotta make sure that the hell the veterans return from is not the hell they come home to,” Luttrell said at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Luttrell and his wife Melanie are also dedicated to their family and have a son, Axe and a daughter Addie.