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An inside look at Houston Texans cheerleader culture: Ex cheerleader peels back the curtain in top stories

Behind the scenes with the Houston Texans cheerleaders: Cheer secrets

"Up To Speed" host Nicole Hickl shakes things up a bit in this edition of the Cadillac sponsored video series that zooms through the trending stories of the week. Hickl, who's a former Houston Texans Cheerleader, goes behind the scenes of the squad tryouts to chat with coach Alto Gary to get her perspective on the audition process that narrowed a record number of candidates down to 35 gorgeous women.

With sports on her mind, Hickl also revisits the controversial comments of UConn point guard Shabazz Napier, who had a case of verbal diarrhea after his team's NCAA Championship game upset of Kentucky. Was Nappier simply speaking the truth or was he being arrogant? You decide.

You know what to do: Watch the video above. For more insightful coverage, be sure to click on the links below for the exclusive full CultureMap stories.

Texans Cheerleaders, Nicole Hickl
Nicole Hickl at the Houston Texans Cheerleaders tryouts. Photo by Joel Luks