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Mission Burrito No More

Mission Burrito is no more: Federal judge leaves the chain no choice

Mission Burrito on Durham
Mission Burrito will soon announce a new name. Mission Burrito/Facebook

The debate over which restaurant serves the best burrito — Mission, Chipotle or Freebirds — will have a new twist soon. No, another restaurant isn't entering the market, but people won't be going to Mission Burrito anymore. The company is changing its name.

Last fall, a Federal judge ruled that Mission's owner Mexican Restaurants, Inc. infringed on Gruma Corp.'s trademark of "Mission" for its line of Mexican foods. As a result of the ruling, Mission already displays a disclaimer in its Houston area four locations and online that it "does not use and is not affiliated in any way with Mission Foods or Mission Tortillas." 

The company recently held an online contest to ask its fans to decide on a new name, but the winner has to be revealed. No doubt the company will carefully vet all potential candidate to ensure no one else owns the name. 

In the meantime, diners can continue to consume the company's signature burritos, salads and tacos. After all, the name may be changing, but the menu won't.  

If the effort is unsuccessful, the Secretary will deny any knowledge of the company's actions. But this is one mission that shouldn't be impossible.

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