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New wine shop-market boasting CBD items, art, and more pops open in Bellaire

New wine shop-market with CBD items, art, more pops open in Bellaire

Bodega Bellaire Joseph Gina Stayshich
Owners Joseph and Gina Stayshich. Courtesy of Bodega Bellaire
Bodega Bellaire wine
The shop will stock approximately 150 different wines. Courtesy of Bodega Bellaire
Bodega Bellaire products
Looks home goods, CBD products, and more. Courtesy of Bodega Bellaire
Bodega Bellaire Joseph Gina Stayshich
Bodega Bellaire wine
Bodega Bellaire products

A Houston chef and his artist wife have teamed up to open a new wine shop and home good stores in Bellaire. Gina and Joseph Stayshich will open Bodega Bellaire on November 22 at 5202 Bissonnet St.

Joseph, a veteran chef whose resume includes Eloise Nichols and Indianola, tells CultureMap that he and Gina wanted to open a business that would combine their mutual love of wine with his knowledge of food and her expertise in Houston’s art scene. With the encouragement of friends who live in the area, they chose Bellaire for their venture.

“I’ve always had an affinity for the Bellaire area,” Joseph says. “It’s a really untapped area . . . We feel like it’s a community that’s starting to bubble up.”

“As Joe said, this has been for years that we had this dream of opening a business together and meshing everything we love in our own individual lives. He being a chef, me growing up in the Houston arts community,” Gina adds.

“Everything we’re bringing encompasses things we love and use in our own household,” she says

That starts with the shop’s wine offerings, which will consist of approximately 150 different selections. The focus will be on smaller producers that aren’t sold in nearby grocery or big box liquor stores, as well as having some low-intervention and biodynamic choices.

Beyond wine, the shop will sell what Joseph describes as functional beverages that contain CBD or herbs to help elevate a person’s mood, sleep better, etc.

Food options are built around things that pair well with wine, such as cheeses and charcuterie sourced from Houston Dairymaids. In addition, look for pickles and other fermented items as well as locally made chocolates and candies.

“The food for me was sort of an easy thing to hop on board with,” Joseph says. “I went to local vendors and talked to people at the farmers market. Outside of that, there are products we love and have come to know over the years.”

On the home goods side, the shop will offer a selection of items that work with wine such as boards for cheese platters and wine tools. The Stayshiches will also have items such as leather goods and plateware made by local artisans.

Gina’s ties to the art world are similarly well-represented. The space features a mural created by local artist Christian Azul, who also sells wine as his day job. Patrick Palmer, dean of the Museum of Fine Art, Houston’s Glassell Studio School, will display some of his paintings at the shop.

“We’re just trying to mesh the best of both of our worlds into a space for the Bellaire community,” Gina says.