Photo courtesy of Chapelton Vineyards

There’s a new winery in the Texas Hill Country, and it will give you all the heart eyes. It might also have you thinking you’re not in the Lone Star State anymore.

Chapelton Vineyards and Winery is located in quaint, historic Washington County, only an hour and change from Houston. But thanks to the elegant surroundings and high-quality experience of the tasting room, it will feel like you are thousands of miles away in Napa Valley.

And that’s exactly what founders Dr. Michelle Lyn and Kurt Lyn wanted. The native Houstonians have a 75-acre ranch in the area, but were pleasantly surprised when a small vineyard they planted thrived.

They initially planned to focus only on Blanc du bois grapes, but after a brief trip to Spain they decided to add Tempranillo and Merlot grapes to the mix. Their first harvest was this past summer, and it wildly exceeded their expectations.

Now, with the holidays in full tilt, there’s no better time to raise a glass to this new destination. Venture to “wine country” for the day, check the box on holiday gifts (amazing wine for everyone on your list!), and even host a family gathering or special event.

Here’s how to make the most of it Chapelton Vineyards:

Schedule a VIP wine tasting and tour
Sure, you can swing by Chapelton for a seated wine tasting, but the VIP tour will let you explore the vineyards with a designated guide. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the onsite production facility and barrel room before tasting five wines in the Lyn Loft, paired with a curated charcuterie board.

Get away for the weekend
You probably won’t want to leave Chapelton — and the Lyns have a solution for that. The Chapelton Villa is a luxe property overlooking the vineyard and within walking distance of the winery. It’s the perfect place to book for a weekend getaway this holiday.

Channel the peacefulness of the Washington County countryside while also being close to other Texas gems like Round Top, Navasota, and Brenham.

Plan a special event
From holiday parties to birthdays, engagements, rehearsal dinners, brunches, and more, Chapelton is a unique place to gather. Celebrate with a beautiful private event space, flexible catering options, and the most gorgeous Instagrammable views.

Join the Wine Club
Chapelton’s Wine Club is the best gift you can give your vino-loving friends — and yourself. The one-time membership fee entitles you to:

  • quarterly shipments of their incredible pours
  • savings on all wine purchases, public events, villa stays, and private events
  • a complimentary tasting every month
  • quarterly virtual tastings
  • invites to exclusive events; limited offerings not released to the public
  • and so much more

Further your crush on Chapelton Vineyards and Winery, and plan your escape to this Napa-in-the-Texas Hill Country destination, here.

Photo courtesy of Chapelton Vineyards

You might forget you're not in Napa.

Courtesy of Padre's

New wine shop and bar bringing speciality sips, bites, and expansive patio to buzzy Heights street

new heights wine shop

The Heights is one of Houston’s most popular dining neighborhoods, and White Oak Drive is one of the area’s most prolific streets for restaurants and bars. Recent openings like EZ’s Liquor Lounge and Karne Korean Steakhouse will soon be joined a new place to enjoy wine.

Padre’s Wine will open next year in the historic Obsidian Theater space at 3522 White Oak Dr. Born from a wine distribution company that specializes in South American wines, Padre’s will serve as both a retail shop and a wine bar.

Owner William Farley started Padre’s in homage to his late father, Mike, who first introduced him to the world of wine. He purchased the building through Pocky, LLC, according to a release.

The 4,000-square-foot space will have a bottle shop, indoor seating, and an expansive patio. Customers will be able to purchase any of the 500 bottles in inventory for on-site consumption or sip their way through 20 by-the-glass selections. The focus will be on South American wines from small, boutique producers. A small food menu of charcuterie boards, paninis, and other light bites will also be available.

“The Heights has been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Houston and I hope to create a space Heights residents will be proud to visit,” Farley said in a statement.

Padre's will join a number of wine bars and retail shops in the Heights. They include Arizona-based wine bar Postino, Mutiny Wine Room, Reata Cellars, and Dodie's Beer + Wine Shop.

Photo by Chris Shepherd

CultureMap's Wine Guy Chris Shepherd toasts the 'life-saving' Italian liqueur that's perfect for the holidays

wine guy wednesday

Editor's note: Long before Chris Shepherd became a James Beard Award-winning chef, he developed enough of a passion for wine to work at Brennan's of Houston as a sommelier. He maintains that interest to this day. When Chris expressed interest in writing about wine-related topics for CultureMap, we said yes.

In this week's column, he shares his love for amaro. Take it away, Chris.


All right, team! Listen up! This week, I’m going to give you some very important holiday information to help you get through all of the parties, family gatherings, and large, festive dinners. We are not going to talk about wine today. We’re going to talk about another love of mine — the life-saving amaro.

What is amaro, you ask? It’s an Italian herbal liqueur that’s traditionally consumed post-meal as a digestif. Think of it this way: you start your meal with an aperitif — could be a martini, Campari, or Aperol spritz — to get your palate going and your body ready to eat. After dinner, amaro will help you get through the rest of your night. This elixir will magically and quickly break down everything you just consumed.

Most amari are from Italy, but fortunately new producers with similar styles are popping up all over the world. Some are sweeter, some are more bitter. You just have to find the style you like. Producers don’t traditionally tell you what’s in their amaro, because most of them are made up of dozens of herbs and spices. It’s all about trial and error to find the one you love.

I drink it neat, but some people drink it on the rocks. More and more, you’re seeing amari in cocktails, too.

The amari selection at our house is awesome. My wife and I are firm believers in this beverage as a night cap, and it’s even become part of my regiment pre-dinner as a spritz. Kill two birds, you know?

Unfortunately, not a lot of restaurants carry multiple amari, so it’s up to you guys to get this trend moving. The more you ask for it, the more they’ll stock it.

Our No. 1 go to at home? Montenegro. It’s easy to find, and it’s easy drinking. It has flavors of vanilla and orange, but it’s not too sweet and not too bitter. It’s had the same recipe since 1885, and I hope they never change it.

My wife’s favorite is Braulio. This spirit is from the Italian Alps and aged in Slavonian casks. Using more medicinal herbs and fruits means it skews more bitter than Montenegro, but it has a nice sweetness at the end.

A newish player in the amari game is Amaro Nonino. The Nonino family is historically one of the best grappa producers in the world — they’ve been distilling grappa since 1897 — but they didn’t start to produce their namesake amaro until 1992. (By newish, you get what I mean.) It has lots of honey, vanilla, licorice, and orange flavors. It’s a tad less sweet than most, but I think it’s fantastic.

Pasubio is really different from other amari. If you’re a fan of blueberries, this is for you. It literally tastes like crushed blueberries.

The next two are really cool and unusual, because they're made here in the U.S. An all-time favorite is Southern Amaro from High Wire Distilling Co. in Charleston. Yaupon is one of the main characteristics, which is found all over Texas.

High Wire built its reputation on using regionally grown and foraged ingredients. If you’re ever in Charleston, you should stop into the distillery and say hi to Scott and Ann! Also, try some of their Jimmy Red Corn whiskey. Actually, everything they make is delightful.

Heirloom Pineapple Amaro is made in Minneapolis. To me, this is fantastically bitter but also tastes like roasted pineapple in a glass. One of my new favorites, for sure.

Now, here’s a helpful tidbit of info. You may have heard of fernet. That’s a general term for an amaro with very little to no sweetness. Branca is a producer that makes fernet, and it’s the most well-known. Search out others as well, because they’re all pretty cool.

Almost everything I listed can be found at most liquor stores. Don’t be afraid to try something. Yes, sometimes it tastes like taking your medicine. But I’ll bet the smell of Jägermeister penetrates your early 20s, and surprise — that’s a style of amaro as well.


Contact our Wine Guy via email at chris@chrisshepherdconcepts.com.

Chris Shepherd won a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest in 2014. He recently parted ways with Underbelly Hospitality, a restaurant group that currently operates four Houston restaurants: Wild Oats, GJ Tavern, Underbelly Burger, and Georgia James. The Southern Smoke Foundation, a non-profit he co-founded with his wife Lindsey Brown, has distributed more than $10 million to hospitality workers in crisis through its Emergency Relief Fund.

Photo by Becca Wright

Favorite Houston coffee shop and cafe brews up fourth location in West U

take it slow

A growing Houston coffee shop and cafe will soon debut its fourth location. The newest Slowpokes will open Monday, November 28 in West University Place (6725 Stella Link Road).

Slowpokes has developed a devoted following thanks to its combination of coffee, beer, and wine that are paired with a diverse food menu built around sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, and breakfast items. Those three beverages are represented by three mascots: a turtle named Mash (beer), a snail named Tasker Alexander (wine), and a sloth named Patches (coffee).

First opened in Garden Oaks in 2016 by owner Mazen Baltagi — a Houstonian hospitality veteran who’s a partner in establishments such as Christian’s Tailgate and the Warwick — Slowpokes has grown to locations in Upper Kirby and Spring Branch.

“It’s been incredible to see how the local community has shaped each of our locations into something unique, and we’re really excited to see what that means for our friends here in West U,” Baltagi said in a statement.

The new location seats 50 people indoors and more on an outdoor patio. Slowpokes posted a sneak peek of the new location’s interior on Instagram.

Slowpokes fans will find the same menu as the other three locations, which means favorites like the chicken pesto panino, salmon bagel, and brie and pear flatbread (known as the Let it Be) are all available. A rotating selection of pastries and baked goods come from a number of local purveyors, including Michael’s Cookie Jar, Sinfull Bakery, and Angela’s Oven.

On the beverage side, looks for a full coffee program that features seasonal specials such as the Punkin’ Pie Latte, the Snickerdoodle Latte, and the Peppermint Mocha Latte. Beers come from local breweries such as 8th Wonder, Eureka Heights, Saint Arnold and more. Slowpokes’ wine selection rotates regularly. Diners may grab-and-go or linger into happy hour that features $4 draft beers, $5 wines by-the-glass, and $10 flatbreads.

“We’re genuinely so grateful for the communities that have embraced us,” Baltagi added. “We hope we’ve been able to better our regulars’ lives as much as they have ours and we’re looking forward to expanding our reach in Houston.”

Photo by Julia Casbarian

CultureMap's Wine Guy Chris Shepherd reveals a feast of reds for Thanksgiving

wine guy wednesday

Editor's note: Long before Chris Shepherd became a James Beard Award-winning chef, he developed enough of a passion for wine to work at Brennan's of Houston as a sommelier. He maintains that interest to this day. When Chris expressed interest in writing about wine-related topics for CultureMap, we said yes.

In this week's column, he offers suggestions for what to pair with your Thanksgiving meal, whether you're serving turkey or burgers. Take it away, Chris.


It’s Thanksgiving time. And, no, it’s still not Cab season. Sorry, folks. So what you should you open on this beautiful family holiday? Let’s all give thanks to chilled red wines.

Yes, it’s okay to pull it right out of the cooler. It goes well with everything you’ll be eating onThanksgiving. Let’s talk Lambrusco, Beaujolais, Cerasuolo. Think of it like stepping up your rosé game.

A few years ago, everyone was saying to drink rosé with Thanksgiving. They’re not wrong, but it’s time to add some backbone.

Let’s talk about five different wines you should be drinking this year. Important note: when you’re looking for wines that are coming from outside the U.S., you want to pay attention to the importer. Look for importers that carry wines you truly love. If you like a wine, look to see who imports it, and then look to see what else they’re importing. It’s often an indicator of quality and style. So I’ll be sharing the importer in addition to the producer with theseThanksgiving wines.

Tiberio Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo. Do not show up at your family’s house with just one bottle. You’ll need three to four minimum. Coming in at around $20 retail, it’s technically a rosé but with more structure. This is a wine you can start with and finish with. It keeps the party going.

It’s imported by The Sorting Table, which carries other wines of awesomeness like Dumaine Dujac.

Let’s go into Beaujolais. The next few wines are made with Gamay grapes. We know it as Beaujolais, but Beaujolais has gotten a bad rap.

Beaujolais Nouveau is a red wine made from Gamay grapes produced in the Beaujolais region of France. It’s fermented for just a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November. Distributors famously race to get the first bottles to different markets around the globe.

The wine is made using carbonic maceration, whole berry anaerobic fermentation, which emphasizes fruit flavors without extracting bitter tannins from the grape skins. Grapes are loaded and sealed into a large container that is filled with carbon dioxide. Grapes that are gently crushed at the bottom of the container by the weight of the grapes start to ferment, emitting more CO2. All this carbon dioxide causes fermentation to take place inside the uncrushed grapes (without access to oxygen, hence "anaerobic fermentation"). The resulting wine is fresh, fruity, and very low in tannins — a guzzler that lacks finesse.

But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I want you to try some of the best producers of Gamay in the Beaujolais region.

Bonnet Cotton Côte de Brouilly “Le Grillés.” These wines are juicy and fun to drink. They have structure, they have depth, they have funk. Forget the cranberry sauce, and just drink this. This is imported by Paris Wine Company, which imports some of my favorite wines — fresh, clean, and leaning toward the natural side. They’re finding smaller producers who do cool things and bringing them here.

Now, let’s move on to the Gang of Four. These producers fought to change the way people think about Beaujolais. Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Guy Breton, and Jean-Paul Thévenet all champion organic farming, hand-harvesting ripe fruit, and a winemaking philosophy of “nothing added, nothing taken away.”

This is not your grandparents’ Beaujolais. It’s the evolution of what Beaujolais should be — earth, structure, and finesse. A really amazing food wine, whether you’re eating ham, turkey, or cold fried chicken. I’d even say to buck the Thanksgiving tradition of turkey since you’ll probably have a hard time getting one, and make some burgers.

If you want to be the winner of the holiday, look for these wines in magnums. Morgon from Jean Foillard is a favorite of mine, and it definitely comes in magnum. I’ll be drinking a magnum of Morgon on Thanksgiving this year, gifted to me by the crew at Birdie’s in Austin. Buy one, bring one, give one to your friend.

Kermit Lynch imports the Gang of Four. Kermit Lynch started as a wine shop in Berkeley and became an importer. They import some of the greatest wines from Italy and France — names like Domaine Tempier, Champagne Paul Bara … you get the idea. These people know what they’re doing.

If you have a Christmas Vacation moment this Thanksgiving, don’t worry. You probably didn’t let your turkey rest.

Side note: if your turkey has an internal thermometer, it’s set to pop above 175 degrees.Technically, by health code standards, 165 is fully cooked, which means you pull your turkey out at 160. Let it rest. It will continue to cook and stay moist and delicious. I encourage you to email me with all of your turkey questions. I’ll respond to your email, but I’ll also go live on Instagram answering all of your questions on Sunday, November 20.

We have a saying. “You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” But we do have a solution: Lini 910 Lambrusco dell’Emilia. It’s not a sweet style of Lambrusco, but it will help with juiciness. If the moment comes and you didn’t follow my directions, and your turkey is dry when you carve into it, just pour this. It’s imported by Winebow, a good importer of Italian wines.

Chillable reds all the time, especially in Houston. As I write this, it’s 80 degrees in November. Go ‘Stros. Happy Thanksgiving.


Contact our Wine Guy via email at chris@chrisshepherdconcepts.com.

Chris Shepherd won a James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest in 2014. He recently parted ways with Underbelly Hospitality, a restaurant group that currently operates four Houston restaurants: Wild Oats, GJ Tavern, Underbelly Burger, and Georgia James. The Southern Smoke Foundation, a non-profit he co-founded with his wife Lindsey Brown, has distributed more than $10 million to hospitality workers in crisis through its Emergency Relief Fund.

Warehouse 72 presents DAOU Wine Dinner

Warehouse 72’s Chef Jaime will present a five-course dinner paired by Richard Howell with DAOU Wines. The dinner will begin with Beet Carpaccio paired with DAOU Discovery Collection Rose before dishes like Duck Roulade, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and Wild Boar, all paired with DAOU California Wines.

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CultureMap Emails are Awesome

Iconic Austin blues club brings the show to fans with new indie livestreaming platform

Live on Live

If legendary Austin blues club Antone’s is your vibe, but the drive down I-35 isn't, know we get it. Saving San Antonians the trip, Antone’s Nightclub launched a new service for livestreaming its shows in November.

Kicking off with New Orleans-based funk and jam band Dumpstaphunk, for their special “Phunksgiving” show last month with Michael Hale Trio, the full lineup is delineated on the Antone’s website. Specifics were still loose before the launch, allowing the famous blues club to call the shots. The partner agency that created the streaming service, 3rd + Lamar, created the system to give Antone’s as much freedom as possible.

"Partnering with Antone's to build their livestreaming platform and produce each of their shows is an incredible opportunity for 3rd + Lamar," said the agency’s co-founder Nick Schenck in a press release. "The amazing talent that performs at Antone's – and their fans worldwide – deserve best-in-class live production quality, and we're thrilled to play a part in this operation."

Not that Antone’s needed to stand out more in the music industry (the nearly 50-year-old venue has always been one of the best places to see both local and national talent), but this achievement places it among relatively few venues across the country, especially those that operate their system independently.

The intimate Antone's shows are filmed by four Blackmagic 4K cinema cameras on tracks overhead, which ensure that the whole space is easily visible without having camera operators amid the audience.

“We did over 430 individually ticketed shows in 2019 and we felt like we were bursting at the seams,” said Antone’s owner Will Bridges. “Then when livestreams became more prominent during the pandemic we realized, this is our opportunity to take Antone’s outside of our four walls. … [W]e see people in the comment threads all the time saying ‘If I could only be teleported to Antone’s!’ Well now they can.”

The release emphasizes that the system means Antone’s “fully retain[s] ownership of their content, which can then be utilized at their discretion.” It also calls the service “an add-on option for all artists performing at Antone’s,” positioning the service as not just an audience luxury but a performer’s low-cost marketing tool. Suddenly, artists playing at Antone’s are afforded a choice without needing to be invited to record or pay an independent video team, while reaching even more viewers with no extra time spent advertising.

“Our ultimate goal is to make these amazing musical experiences accessible to everyone. Life is busy, but we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate no matter where they are or what they have going on,” said Bridges. “We want to make livestreams from Antone’s totally commonplace. When we announce our upcoming shows, fans have two options: watch it at the club our watch it at home.”

Livestreams are at antonesnightclub.com, and links also appear with each applicable event across the site. Prices are listed on the website, and livestreams start 10-20 minutes before each show.

Alt-rock legends Red Hot Chili Peppers heading to Houston for 2023 North American tour

one hot minute

One of alternative rock's most pioneering and enduring acts is headed to Houston to close out a highly anticipated North American tour next year. Red Hot Chili Peppers will play Minute Maid Park on Thursday, May 25, 2023 as part of a North American trek that kicks off in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 29.

Houston lands the honor of the closeout city for the North American tour (the band will also play a slew of dates in Europe). Effortlessly hip, celeb-fave modern rock band The Strokes will support the Chili Peppers, along with the talented bassist-vocalist Thundercat.

Tickets go on sale this week at 10 am Friday, December 9 online.

Houston fans who can't get enough can also catch the Chili Peppers when they hit The Alamodome in San Antonio on Wednesday, May 17 — the only other Texas date.

Aside from The Strokes and Thundercat, supporting acts along the way include Iggy Pop, The Roots, The Mars Volta, St. Vincent, City and Colour, and King Princess.

Touring in support of their two No. 1 studio albums released in 2022, Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen, the Chili Peppers have been played sold-out shows in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and more with major names such as Notable artists such as A$AP Rocky, Anderson.Paak, Beck, and HAIM.

The first rock band in 17 years to score two No. 1 albums in one year, the band has been red hot on the Billboard charts and at the MTV Video Music Awards, where they received the Global Icon Award and brought the house down with a performance of the No. 1 single “Black Summer,'' which also won the award for Best Rock Video.

Fronted by the impossibly chiseled and ageless (he's 60!) Anthony Kiedis, the Chili Peppers formed in 1983. Unabashedly proud of their LA roots, the band burst onto the scene with early singles such as "Higher Ground" and "Give It Away," both showcases of bassist Flea's slappin', funk-fueled basslines.

Throughout the peak of alternative music in the '90s, the band saw tragedy, personnel changes at guitar, and reinventions — Kiedes' rap-singing, Flea's bass grooves, and singalong choruses all constants over the decades.

While many '90s alt-rock acts fizzled, the Chili Peppers stayed relevant; the band boasts two anthemic singles with more than 1 billion streams — "Californication" and "Under the Bridge" — and more than 25 million followers on Spotify.

Expect this show to be packed with Gen Xers and new fans for what promises to be one hot minute.

Red Hot Chili Peppers 2023 tour dates:

  • Wednesday, March 29 – Vancouver – BC Place
  • Saturday, April 1 – Las Vegas – Allegiant Stadium
  • Thursday, April 6 – Fargo, North Dakota – FargoDome
  • Saturday, April 8 – Minneapolis – US Bank Stadium
  • Friday, April 14 – Syracuse, New York – JMA Wireless Dome
  • Friday, May 12 – San Diego – Snap Dragon Stadium
  • Sunday, May 14 – Phoenix – State Farm Stadium
  • Wednesday, May 17 – San Antonio – Alamodome
  • Friday, May 19 – Gulf Shores, Alabama – Hangout Music Festival
  • Thursday, May 25 – Houston – Minute Maid Park

announced their 2023 Tour, in support of their two No. 1 studio albums that were released in 2022, Unlimited Love and Return of the Dream Canteen. Following a recent Grammy nomination for Best Rock Song for “Black Summer,” the band will embark on a 23-date global trek that kicks off on Wednesday, March 29 at BC Place in Vancouver, BC with stadium shows and festival stops across North America and Europe in Las Vegas, San Diego, Houston, Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna and more before wrapping up on Saturday, July 23 in Glasgow, UK at Hampden Park. The Strokes, Iggy Pop, The Roots, The Mars Volta, St. Vincent, City and Colour, Thundercat, and King Princess will join the band on select dates.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2023 Tour rolls into the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX, on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, and Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX, on Thursday, May 25, 2023, both with the Strokes and Thundercat.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers 2023 Tour comes close on the heels of the band’s largest 40-date stadium tour to date, which included massive sold-out shows in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and more. Notable artists such as A$AP Rocky, Anderson .Paak, Beck, HAIM and more joined the band on the road through 2022. After completing the wildly successful tour across North America and Europe this year, Red Hot Chili Peppers continue into January 2023 with eight dates across New Zealand and Australia, featuring Post Malone.

Tickets go on sale starting on Friday, December 9 at 10 a.m. at redhotchilipeppers.com.

As a result of the two album releases this year going No. 1, Red Hot Chili Peppers notably stand out as the first rock band in 17 years to achieve the feat. Moreover, Return of the Dream Canteen bowed at #1 on the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart —just like its predecessor Unlimited Love did back in April. Both albums were produced by longtime collaborator and creative confidant, Rick Rubin. Plus, it reached #1 in numerous countries around the globe.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers recently took home the prestigious Global Icon Award, and delivered a show stopping performance at the MTV VMAs. Their No. 1 single “Black Summer'' also won the award for Best Rock Video. This year, the band also garnered an MTV Europe Music Award nomination for Best Rock and scored three American Music Awards nominations for "Favorite Rock Artist," "Favorite Rock Album" for Unlimited Love and "Favorite Rock Single" for "Black Summer."


Wed Mar 29 – Vancouver, BC – BC Place *~

Sat Apr 01 – Las Vegas, NV – Allegiant Stadium #~

Thu Apr 06 – Fargo, ND – FARGODOME ^~

Sat Apr 08 – Minneapolis, MN – US Bank Stadium ^~

Fri Apr 14 – Syracuse, NY– JMA Wireless Dome ^~

Fri May 12 – San Diego, CA – Snap Dragon Stadium >+

Sun May 14 – Phoenix, AZ – State Farm Stadium ^+

Wed May 17 – San Antonio, TX – Alamodome ^+

Fri May 19 – Gulf Shores, AL – Hangout Music Festival =

Thu May 25 – Houston, TX – Minute Maid Park ^+

Fan-favorite, wood-fired Houston pizzeria quietly opens in the Heights

enough (pizza) to love

A popular Houston pizzeria has opened its second location in the Heights. The Gypsy Poet has begun a quiet soft opening in the former Fegen’s space at 1050 Studewood St.

Since its 2019 debut in Midtown, the Gypsy Poet has earned a devoted following for its wood-fired pizzas. The restaurant’s personal-sized, 13-inch pizzas exist somewhere on the spectrum between traditional Neapolitan and classic New York — too crispy for the Italians but not quite foldable like an East Coast slice. Options include a classic Margherita and the signature Fancy Backpacker, which is topped with prosciutto, truffle oil, and arugula.

Part of the restaurant’s appeal stems from its friendly service and easy going atmosphere. It regularly hosts informal musical performances and other artistic happenings.

Taken together, Gypsy Poet has earned legions on fans. Yelp users ranked it as Texas’s second best restaurant in 2021. More recently, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy awarded it a high 7.8 rating during a pizza review.

The restaurant opens at a time of transition for pizzerias in the Heights. Dallas-based Neapolitan restaurant Cane Rosso closed last year, and suburban favorite Crust Pizza Co. opened this summer in the former Mellow Mushroom space at N. Shepherd and 20th.

The Heights location of Gypsy Poet will be open Tuesday-Thursday from 5-9 pm; Friday from 12-2 pm and 5-10 pm; Saturday 2-10 pm; and Sunday 2-9 pm.