$100 PB&J

Heights restaurant's $100 PB&J sweetens the deal for local businesses

Heights restaurant's $100 PB&J sweetens the deal for local businesses

BCK $100 peanut butter and jelly PB&J
Courtesy of The Scurfield Group

Looks like Tilman Fertitta's $1,600 burger has inspired at least one other restaurant to create its own wildly expensive sandwich. Heights restaurant BCK announced that chef Peter Petro has developed a $100 peanut butter and jelly. 

However, unlike the fancy burger — a more-is-more collection of ultra-luxury ingredients designed to appeal to the well-heeled guests of Fertitta's The Post Oak hotel — BCK's new sandwich primarily serves as a platform to promote other small businesses. Anyone who ponies up for the pricey PB&J leaves with a $100 gift card good for another Heights establishment such as Kind Collective, Sweat 1000, Dance House Fitness, Forth & Nomad, or Mastrantos

“We were throwing around ideas involving outrageously priced menu items and this one just stuck,” BCK co-owner John Reed said in a statement. “The idea is solely to do something good for the community, create strong synergy amongst businesses in the Heights area, and have a little fun doing it.”

Just because it's a stunt doesn't mean Petro didn't sweat the details. The sandwich starts with creamy Jif peanut butter and Smuckers grape jelly that are sandwiched between two slices of pain de mie bread from Bread Man Baking Co. Then, it gets dipped in pancake batter and fried Monte Cristo-style. 

Needless to say, the dish's appearance attracts attention when it appears in the dining room. As the Fruity Pebbles French toast at BCK sister concept Bosscat Kitchen demonstrates, Petro knows how to create an Instagram sensation.

Asked to weigh in on crunchy versus smooth, Petro doesn't hesitate. "For me, crunchy takes too long to eat, and I just want that thing in my belly ASAP."

So far only a few customers have paid up for the promotion. If it catches on, BCK might need a drink to pair with the PB&J. May we humbly suggest a $50 glass of chocolate milk?