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California-based Thai chicken and rice shop’s first Houston location flies into Garden Oaks

California-based Thai chicken + rice shop opens new Houston location

Rooster and Rice chicken bowls
Rooster & Rice serves Khao Mun Gai. Courtesy of Rooster & Rice

A San Francisco-based restaurant has brought its chicken and rice to Houston. Rooster & Rice is now open in Garden Oaks's Stomping Grounds development.

Founded by restaurateurs Bryan Lew and Tommy Charoen, Rooster & Rice serves Khao Mun Gai, Thai-style poached chicken and rice. Over time, the menu has expanded to include Khao Tom Gai (rice porridge), fried chicken cutlets, fried chicken skins, and more. For Houston, the restaurant has debuted a Thai chicken salad.

The restaurant has been a hit thanks to its affordable prices, speedy service, and bright flavors, growing to more than a dozen locations across the Bay Area. In 2019, Rooster & Rice partnered with the Aroi Hospitality Group, a company that includes two former founders of the Caviar food delivery app, to grow the brand nationwide. Houston is its first location in that expansion. 

"We specifically picked Houston, as we always admired the food culture and energy of the community and we wanted to bring our classic Khao Mun Gai dish (chicken and rice) to the Texas area," CFO Min Park said in a statement. "It was such a focus that our CEO actually joined the community as we are committed to bringing our delicious food to the area."

Rooster & Rice joins ice cream shop Fat Cat Creamery and Little Dream Coffee at the Stomping Grounds. In the months to come, the Garden Oaks development will welcome additional restaurants such as LuLoo's Day & Night, a sandwich shop from the owners of Blood Bros. BBQ and pastry chef Alyssa Dole, and casual steakhouse Cherry Block Craft Butcher + Kitchen.