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What's Eric Eating Episode 228

Dishing on the hottest dining news, plus favorite bites at Post Houston

Dishing on the hottest dining news, plus best bites at Post Houston

Post Houston opening day
The hosts discuss their recent meals at Post Market. Photo by J. Thomas Ford

On this week’s episode of “What’s Eric Eating,” houston food expert Matt Harris joins CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler to discuss the latest restaurant news and some of their favorite recent meals.

The news of the week segment begins with an in-depth discussion of the dissolution of the Clark Cooper Concepts hospitality group. Harris and Sandler credit co-owners Grant Cooper and Charles Clark for opening several successful restaurants, including Ibiza, Catalan, and Brasserie 19. They conclude the conversation by expressing some enthusiasm for revisiting Brasserie 19 now that Clark is a daily presence in its dining room.

From there, the hosts move on to chef Monica Pope partnering with Henderson & Kane owners Veronica and John Avila to open the Telegraph Tea Room in The Heitghs. They welcome Pope’s return to a restaurant setting. The segment concludes with a discuss about the Warwick, a new restaurant opening in the former Houston’s space on Westheimer that will feature a menu created by local chef Antoine Ware.

In the restaurants of the week segment, the duo share some of their favorite bites from Post Market, the food hall at the Post Houston development. They rave about recent meals at seafood restaurant Golfstrommen and a Filipino feast created by Soy Pinoy. Other restaurants mentioned include the sushi omakase at East Side King and local ice cream favorite Flower & Cream.

They also share their opinions of ChòpnBlọk, the food hall’s fast casual, West African concept. Sandler hails the creative rice bowls that combine African techniques with familiar flavors.

“I would say few bites of food have stuck with me the way they do at ChòpnBlọk,” Harris says. “Everting — the flavors, the textures — they just really speak to me. . . It goes beyond the food. You become a cultural devotee.”


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