lizzo in the house?

7 big predictions for RodeoHouston's highly anticipated 2020 concert calendar

7 big predictions for RodeoHouston's anticipated 2020 concert calendar

Could Houston sensation Lizzo come home? Photo courtesy of Lizzo/Facebook
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish would be a pop perfection.  Photo courtesy of Billie Eilish
Dolly Parton headshot
Seriously, who doesn't love Dolly? Courtesy photo
Billie Eilish
Dolly Parton headshot

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has announced all the genres of music that'll be featured on the live-performance roster. Along with a dozen country nights, we also have nights devoted to pop, K-pop, Latin pop, hip-hop/R & B, hip-hop/pop, R & B/pop, EDM, and Norteño. 

As for who's performing, that won't be announced until Thursday, January 9, 2020. (The three Friday performers will be announced on Tuesday, February 4.)

So, until that happens, let us give you a few predictions on who could be a part of the 20 performers who'll be hitting that star stage next March.

Billie Eilish
There's no doubt everyone would lose their stuff if everyone's favorite, platinum-selling enfant terrible would grace us with her presence. And considering that she doesn't have a listed tour stop on March 17 (aka RodeoHouston's pop night), there's a strong chance that might happen.

Lizzo and/or Megan Thee Stallion
Two of the hottest, sexiest rising stars in black music are also proud Houstonians. So, it would be a no-brainer to have the Grammy-nominated singer/rapper/flautist do either the hip-hop/pop or R & B/pop nights, while the always-twerking rapper behind "Hot Girl Summer" could do the hip-hop/R & B night.

There are so many K-pop groups that could easily show up for the K-pop night — but we all know there's only one people definitely want if RodeoHouston can get 'em. And since they just wrapped up their world tour in October, it would be nice if they gave Houstonians a taste of their live show. 

She already killed it at Travis Scott's recent Astroworld Festival (where Kylie Jenner was in the audience, virtually giving her seal of approval), so she could easily return to Houston and rock the Latin pop night. Plus, if she does show up, there's a strong chance she'll bring Puerto Rican trap star (and rumored boo) Bad Bunny along for the ride. 

The Highwomen
RodeoHouston could kill a lot of birds with one stone if they got this supergroup (which consists of Grammy winners Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, and recent Grammy nominee Natalie Hemby) for one of the country nights. But you might get a shortened version of the group — Shires will be touring a lot that month.  

Dolly Parton
The living country legend, who hasn't performed there since 1978, continues to be RodeoHouston's great white whale (she was on our wishlist last year). As of late, she's been all over the place: there's that podcast, that Netflix show, that NBC special. Perhaps she could finally come back here and use this as a chance to promote all her projects.