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Houston singles stand a good chance of finding love during the pandemic

Houston singles stand a good chance of finding love during pandemic

Pandemic dating with masks
Use Texas' weather to help find love. Photo by archigram/Getty

Even in the best of times, dating is a nightmare. But right now, during a highly contagious global pandemic? Forget about it.

That is, unless you live in Texas. According to a new study from Apartment List, residents of the Lone Star State are somehow making it work and finding love — or at least a date or two.

Metros were ranked by a weighted score based on the following: satisfaction with local dating opportunities, satisfaction with outdoors opportunities (but remember to still wear a mask!), and the percentage of singles in the city.

Texas dominates the list of best cities for dating during the pandemic, with three cities in the top 10: Austin at No. 1, San Antonio sixth, and Houston eighth.

What helped Austin win the crown? Our gorgeous Texas weather. Ninety percent of people who took Apartment List's annual renter satisfaction survey said they were happy with Austin's outdoor activities, more than any other city in the study.

Thirty-five percent of singles said they thought the local dating opportunities were pretty good, and slightly more than half of Austin's population is single to begin with.

Houston nearly matches Austin in terms of dating satisfaction (34.4 percent) and scores a hefty 70.5 percent in outdoor satisfaction. Singles versus spoken-for residents are an even 50-50 split.

San Antonio boasts even more singles (55 percent), and has a dating scene satisfaction rate of 29 percent. Alamo City is still pretty outdoorsy, with more than 63 percent of residents liking the outdoor recreation.

Coastal cities are quite satisfied with their pandemic dating lives, with Virginia Beach in third, Miami fourth, and San Diego seventh.

Who's probably riding out this pandemic totally alone? Anyone who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. It came in dead last with only 15 percent of satisfied singles, and only 36 percent who were satisfied with the outdoors. It joins Columbus, Ohio, and Hartford, Connecticut, in the bottom three.