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Legendary Houston Dynamo's dynamite Hawaiian hot dog kicks up the flavor

Houston Dynamo's dynamite Hawaiian hot dog kicks up the flavor

Hula Dog Brian Ching Pitch 25 food truck hot dog
Get a little taste of Hawaii in EaDo, thanks to Brian Ching's Hula Dog.  Hula Dog/Facebook

This week, I reached out for a Texas Kahuna Hot Dog from soccer star Brian Ching's new Hula Dog food truck, coming soon to an event or private party near you.

Ching, the Houston Dynamo's all-time leading goal scorer, is on an entrepreneurial binge, recently opening his Pitch 25 Beer Park and now putting a Hula Dog food truck in gear Hula Dog is a franchise out of Ching's native Hawaii.

"I was back on the island recently and tried some Hula Dogs. I loved the product. These are hot dogs with an Hawaiian twist. I think everybody in Houston will love them, too," Ching says.

The Dynamo legend was born in Hale'iwa, Hawaii, played high school soccer in Honolulu, and came to the mainland to play for Gonzaga University. He retired from professional soccer in 2013 after six All-Star appearances and two MLS titles with the Dynamo.

Here's the Texas Kahuna breakdown: a large, quarter-pound beef sausage, garlic lemon sauce, mango relish, and lilikoi mustard — in a bacon taro bun.

Yes, "in" the bun. Hula Dogs are stuffed inside an Hawaii-style bun that's been tunneled out on a spike. The hot dog is nestled inside the bun, similar to a a kolache.

The Hula Dog food truck offers two kinds of dog: 44 Farms All Beef hot dog and Polish Sausage. Two kinds of bun: white and bacon taro. Two kinds of roasted garlic lemon sauce: original and jalapeño. Four kinds of tropical relishes: mango, pineapple, coconut, and Maui onion. Two kinds of mustard: lilikoi and guava. The combinations are nearly endless.

Or, you can choose one of Hula Dog's recommended combos, like the Big Island (white bread, Polish sausage, jalapeno sauce, mango relish and guava mustard) or the Maui (bacon taro bread, Polish sausage, garlic lemon sauce, Maui onion relish, and guava mustard).

First, the dog is shoved into the bun, followed by the condiments and toppings which seep down through the bun, coating the dog. There's no spillage, and you get a taste of everything with each bite.

The Hula Dog food truck is high end — 44 Farms products are lean and meaty, seriously top quality. The sauces and toppings are richly flavorful. There's nothing skinny about the dogs or taste at Hula Dog.

Hula Dog also serves island-swaying Artisan Shaved Ice and freshly squeezed lemonade. Look for the Hula Dog truck parked outside of Pitch 25 Beer Park or stationed at public events. If you'd like Hula Dog at your private party, drop them an email.


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