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Annoying train horns blow through Houston's most popular stories

Annoying train horns blow through Houston's most popular stories

train intersection Amtrak
Train crossings should stay quiet, Ken Hoffman writes.  Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Editor's note: It's time to recap the top stories on CultureMap from this past week.

1. Ken Hoffman sounds the horn on the change Houston needs right now. Our columnist argues that the City of Houston needs to take the steps necessary to end trains blowing their horns near residential neighborhoods. 

2. Updated list of Houston restaurant closings and reopenings due to COVID-19. Several prominent Houston restaurants, including Taste of Texas, Coltivare, and Riel, all temporarily closed this week after an employee either was diagnosed with COVID-19 or came into contact with someone who had. 

3. Favorite EaDo pregame bar issues last call. Despite losing the revenue from St. Patrick's Day and sporting events, Lucky's Pub was unable to renegotiate its lease. 

4. Harris County Judge Linda Hidalgo announces new COVID-19 public threat level system. Currently, the county's threat level is "orange," which means "minimize all contacts."

5. Google and Amazon set to open new locations in Houston. The facilities — an Amazon distribution center in Fort Bend County and a Google cloud sales office — will both open in 2021.