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New guided meditation center calms West U with gongs and silk hammocks

New guided meditation center calms West U with gongs and silk hammocks

Current Meditation Houston
Current offers meditation in silk hammocks. Photo courtesy of Current Meditation

Tension-relieving apps are all the rage, providing soothing thoughts in the comfort of home. But for stressed-out Houstonians who prefer a guided calm, a national chain aims to help achieve that sought-after “ohm.”

Current Meditation has opened its first Texas center at 5186 Buffalo Spdwy. The company seeks to differentiate itself from other centers and apps by offering guided, sound-focused, and even aerial meditation.

Through gongs, singing bowls, and even human voice, Current claims these harmonic, sonic treatments coax brain waves into an alpha state, for a “much deeper, more restorative level.”

Meanwhile, participants in the aerial meditation can cocoon inside a silk hammock, one capable of supporting more than 900 pounds. The effect is a feeling of weightlessness as users gently sway back and forth; Current promises that this gentle pressure releases tension, not unlike a hammock on a sunny beach.

The center also pushes yoga nidra, body scans, and rapid imagery as additional meditation techniques, coached up by Current staffers.

Classes range from $26 for a single class to $109, while first-time visitors can try an introductory class for free.

Why in-person meditation? Current notes that studies point to benefits such as a boosted immune system, better sleep, better blood pressure, reduced pain sensation, and better cognition — such as memory, focus, productivity and problem-solving memory, focus, productivity, and problem-solving.

An added benefit: stress tolerance, which can come in handy when dealing with construction on the 610 Loop.


Current Meditation, 5186 Buffalo Spdwy. For hours, class registration, rates, and more information, visit Current’s site.