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Ranking It

New study swears it's good to be a freelancer in Houston: Self-employment income 5th highest in nation

By Jennifer Chininis

According to a new study, Houston is among the best places in the country for independent contractors. Financial site NerdWallet crunched the numbers and determined that Houston is the 12 ...

Tattered Jeans

For the love of pencils: Why simple still matters in today's overspecialized world

By Katie Oxford

Simple is hard to find. I was reminded of this when I went looking for a pair of Patagonia pants I’ve been wearing, now shredded at the bottom of each leg. When my husband commented that I wa ...

Ranking It

Near Google worthy? Local grocery store named one of America's Best Places To Work, close behind tech king

By Elizabeth Rhodes

One of Texas' most prominent companies is walking away with a major honor. Glassdoor, a website that provides insider ratings and information from employees about the companies they wo ...

Hometown Shame

Houston is America's most dangerous city to work in: New data exposes shameful on-the-job death toll

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Houston's burgeoning economy is good for many employees, but unfortunately the area's workplaces are also fraught with danger for some of the most vulnerable workers.  Accordi ...

Major Parenting Issue

Parents in the workplace: Why is taking time off for your kids so controversial? America's backwards system

By Jenny Kutner

Americans are known for having a prodigious, deeply ingrained work ethic. Our love of industry and productivity is so culturally embedded, in fact, that you might even say Americans learn it at bir ...

If the office is a rockin' . . .

A staggering percentage of people admit to having sex at work: How clean is your desk?

By Tyler Rudick

Sorry in advance for making everyone's workday a little weirder. In an attempt to shed light on the secret world of interoffice romance, career website Glassdoor intervi ...

Jobs City

Houston dominates national best places to work list: What, you're surprised?

By Whitney Radley

With mild weather, great-looking residents and ample employment opportunities, we always knew that the Lone Star State was the place to live.  But a recent report by WorkplaceDynamics ...

See the KHOU video

Ticked off man drives a bulldozer through his boss' office: Take this job and level it!

By Whitney Radley

Surely you've experienced one of those days at the office before. You know, the kind where you've just had it up to here, to the point that you feel the urge to drive a bulldozer ...

How about that high-speed rail?

Houston leads the nation in super commuters — including 51,900 who drive to work from Dallas

By Whitney Radley

As if the need for an efficient, high speed rail system in Texas weren't clear enough, take a look at these figures.  A study published by the Rudin Center for Transportation at New Yo ...

giving at the office

Resolutions your co-workers hope you made (and will keep) this year

By Christina Pesoli

Personally, I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a few years ago. (That was actually my New Year’s resolution for 2009: To quit making New Year’s resolutions.)   But m ...

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)