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Astrodome Shame

St Louis absolutely shames Houston on the Astrodome with unabashed big money love of its own historic icon

By Ralph Bivins

It’s a tale of two cities. Two symbolic structures. Both 50 years old. For cities that dream big, 1965 was a very good year. Fifty years ago, St. Louis completed its Gateway Arch in O ...

Award-Winning Architecture

Urban Land Institute picks best Houston architecture projects — and the people speak, too

By Barbara Kuntz

Five Houston-area architectural and renewal projects took home Development of Distinction Awards from the Urban Land Institute. The winners were recently announced during the ULI' ...

Big Ideas For 2015

Big ideas for 2015: Four grand visions that will transform Houston, from new AstroWorld to a swimming hole

By Barbara Kuntz

Houston's always been a city with great big ideas, and the year 2015 will, no doubt, see more innovative plans proposed and carried out. Here are just a few very notable visions Cultur ...

New Dome Plan

National urban planners dare Houstonians to implement bold proposal to save the Astrodome

By Clifford Pugh

Before a room full of Houston movers and shakers, including representatives from RodeoHouston and the Texans, the prestigious Urban Land Institute presented an ambitious plan to renovate and r ...

10 Real Estate Shockers

10 Houston real estate game changers: Give thanks for new Astrodome plan, Ashby high-rise & more

By Ralph Bivins

Sure, you can find negative news in Houston. The price of oil has been falling fast — always a worrisome omen for the Houston economy. And the inflation boogeymen will prompt the Feds to rais ...

Party Watch

World's leading builders, investors & thinkers headed to Houston and the preview's already bringing buzz

By Shelby Hodge

What: Urban Land Institute Mixer. Where: Brennan's of Houston. The 411: This VIP kickoff for the ULI's global spring meeting honored internationally renowned developer Gerald H ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Boom on! Houston notches more new home starts than the entire state of California

By Ralph Bivins

Houston has more new home construction than any other city in the nation and the building boom is going to get even more intense in the next few years, even though home prices are rising, a nationa ...

New Directions

Distinctive development: Houston's most innovative new real estate projects lead the way

By Tyler Rudick

Seven innovative real estate projects have been announced for the 2014 Development of Distinction Awards — the signature award series organized by the Houston chapter of the Urban Land Instit ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Land rush is on in Houston suburbs as home builders race to meet demand

By Ralph Bivins

A full-scale land rush is underway in the suburbs of Houston. Land developers and home builders are buying up land as fast as they can because Houston’s home construction industry has bee ...

Results in action

Urban Land Institute honors H-Town's most innovative building projects

By Tyler Rudick

The Urban Land Institute handed out its Development of Distinction awards, highlighting the past year's most successful planning efforts in a city not always known for its planning efforts. ...

16 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (16)   Places (0)
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