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Major Chef Move

Bryan Caswell brings in a hot young chef to help revitalize Houston's iconic seafood restaurant

By Eric Sandler

Former Underbelly sous chef Ryan Lachaine has taken a position at Reef. He'll be assisting chef/owner Bryan Caswell with a significant overhaul of the popular seafood restaurant's ...

Recipe for love

Iron Chef Bryan Caswell gets married — and sings his heart out to his bride

By Shelby Hodge

You could say that on Saturday, uber chef Bryan Caswell was the happiest man on the planet. And well he should have been as that was the day he wed his sweetheart, Jennifer Dell, in a family c ...

Houston's Most Overrated Restaurants

Houston's Most Overrated Restaurants: Fearless list calls out the hype mongers— sorry Uchi

By Eric Sandler

What is an overrated restaurant? Simply put, it is a place where the hype doesn't match the reality. Of course, since something must be "rated" to be "overrated," my lis ...

Foodie News

Chef who mysteriously left a top Houston restaurant resurfaces — and he's cooking on a frozen river

By Eric Sandler

Former Underbelly sous chef Ryan Lachaine has been off the foodie radar since his unexpected departure from the restaurant in November, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been active ...

Houston's Best Oyster Restaurants

Houston's best oyster restaurants: From grungy dives to sparkling new places, a guide to where seafood thrives

By Eric Sandler

Oysters, those slimy little nuggets of briny goodness, bring so much joy to seafood lovers. While colloquially, oyster season consists of all months with an "R" in their names, here in Te ...

Party Policy

Step inside Club Berlin: Baker Institute embraces younger crowd with night of food, drinks & celebration

By Promoted Series Correspondent

The nonpartisan James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy think tank at Rice University turns 20 this fall and the Nov. 8 anniversary party will be all about powerful people, sparkli ...

Save the date

President's daughter and hot DJ join forces for Baker Institute "Club Berlin" celebration

By Shelby Hodge

While Rice University's Baker Institute plans an elegant, sophisticated 20th anniversary celebration on Nov. 8, the center for public policy lets down its hair Nov. 9 with a rocking "Club ...

Celebrating a big 20th

President George W. Bush and six top toques headline Baker Institute 20th anniversary celebration

By Shelby Hodge

The sleek invitations hit mailboxes earlier this week as the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy gears up for a spectacular 20th anniversary celebration with former President George ...

Hometown Glory

Houston destroys Dallas in restaurant power: Major mag's new Top 100 touts H-Town, shuts out Big D

By Eric Sandler

Southern Living magazine travel & features editor Jennifer V. Cole is offering a list of her 100 places to eat now in a new story. While the magazine article notes that list will be " ...

Women's Rights Bar Controversy

A Midtown bar says it feels "totally bad" if canceling on Planned Parenthood offended, cites safety concerns

By Tyler Rudick

Tensions persist between women's health advocates and two Midtown hotspots nearly a week after Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was forced to relocate an event featuring women's righ ...

53 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (50)   Places (1)

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