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Samba Grille chef resurfaces with a new restaurant with soul in the Energy Corridor & Montrose plans

Alma, chef, scallops, David Guerrero
David Guerrero plates scallops at his new Alma restaurant. David Guerrero/Facebook
Alma, restaurant, scallops, David Guerrero
The mouthwatering result. David Guerrero/Facebook
Alma, chef, scallops, David Guerrero
Alma, restaurant, scallops, David Guerrero

If David Guerrero ever gets tired of working as a chef, he might have a career as a quick-change artist.

While you were getting a tan over Labor Day weekend, Guerrero, formerly the executive chef of Samba Grille, was transforming the former Chatter's Cafe & Bistro space inside a small strip center in the Energy Corridor into Alma, quietly opening the restaurant this week after a three-day makeover.

True to Guerrero's Ecuadorian roots, Alma — Spanish for soul — is a Peruvian-style restaurant and bar with a patio and a cebiche bar, which was one of Guerrero's strengths at Samba.

Alma is the first of two new restaurant ventures for Guerrero. In addition to heading outside the beltway, he's also planning Evo, a Latin American-influenced "experimental dining" restaurant in a Montrose bungalow behind Da Marco.

According to a press release, Evo (short for evolution) will offer weekly four-, six- and nine-course tasting menus as well as small plates served a la carte, with an expected opening in late 2012 or early 2013.

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