Krisp in the Heights

New restaurant specializing in crispy chicken sandwiches spreads its wings to the Heights

Crispy chicken sandwich restaurant spreads its wings to the Heights

Krisp Bird & Batter Korean sandwich
Krisp will soon brings its chicken sandwiches and tater tots to the Heights. Courtesy photo
Krispy Heights rendering
A preview of the new Krisp coming to the Heights. Courtesy image
Krisp Heights rendering
The Heights location will be 500-square feet larger than the original on Fountain View. Courtesy image
Krisp Bird & Batter Korean sandwich
Krispy Heights rendering
Krisp Heights rendering

Krisp Bird & Batter is already looking to spread its wings. Although his new restaurant has only been open since February, chef Ben McPherson is already prepping to open a second location in the Heights next month.

“The Fountain View location was where we went through trials and tribulations and worked out the kinks. Heights will be our model store that we’ll use going forward,” McPherson tells CultureMap. Located at 2400 Shepherd Drive near the store H-E-B is planning to build in the Heights, the new location also comes with a number of improvements compared to the original, including a larger space with a patio and the launch of breakfast and brunch menus. 

One thing that won’t change is McPherson’s commitment to serving a quality product. Krisp uses pasture-raised, hormone-free chicken from Crystal Lake Farms that are fed a vegetarian, non-GMO diet.

“People are really interested in organic. We do it because the chicken tastes fucking better,” McPherson says. “It’s actually leaner than any kind of commodity chicken. It’s a better product overall.”

Of course, using good chicken means higher menu prices, which McPherson says has been Krisp’s biggest challenge. The chef hears regularly from people who don’t want to pay $8 for a chicken sandwich.

“People will pay $10 for a burger, but chicken costs a lot more than a piece of ground beef,” McPherson says. “It’s not profit off a chicken sandwich. We make money off fries and sodas.”

Still, the initial response to signature items like the Southern-inspired Krisp Classic (topped with cider slaw and Crystal’s hot sauce) and the KFC (topped with kimchi) has been so positive that McPherson and his business partners are looking to grow to as many as 10 locations in the next three years. Memorial, Bellaire, and downtown are all in their immediate plans with more long-term goals of opening in Pearland and Cinco Ranch. Krisp would like to be in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio within the next two years.

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